Your Tech Fairy is located on Treaty 1 land, home of multiple  Indigenous nations (listed Here) and I am grateful to the original stewards of this land that I am permitted to conduct business here. 

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Hi, I'm Crystal!

Website Designer & Online Business
Startup Mentor

I help business women who are transitioning from their lifelong career in a brick & mortar business/practice to being in the online space because they need to be able to spend time at home with their family more, travel more, and still make a consistent income. 

Working with me Looks like:

Christine Tyler Pell
Christine Tyler PellFractional COO/CFO, Excel Nerd
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Your coaching mindset PLUS technical platforms expertise make you SUCH a great partner for people who are just getting started!

Things to Explore . . .

You be the business owner,
I'll be Your Tech Fairy.

Traditional Territories Acknowledgement

Your Tech Fairy is located on Treaty 1 land; the original lands of Anichinaabegm Creem Oji-Cree, Dakota, and Dene Peoples, and on the homeland of the Metis Nation. I respect the Treaties that were made on this land and I acknowledge the horrific harm done to the original stewards of this land by white colonizers. I am dedicated to move forward in partnership with Indigenous communities in a spirit of reconciliation and collaboration. I am grateful that I am permitted to conduct business on your land.

This land acknowledgment, just like decolonizing itself, is an ongoing process and is only one small way for me and anyone passing by to build relationship and to reflect on how to be a better ally to not only the original stewards of this land, but how to be more inclusive of all genders, races, abilities, beliefs, and any other types of marginalized people

In my business and in my personal life, I am dedicated to not tolerate any type of hateful actions/speech, bullying, shaming, or discriminating against people that are different than myself or anyone in my community. 

Crystal appears smiling in green dress, touch her long hair with left hand.

Lovely to meet you!

Website Power Hour

Feeling like your website is
a little drab or too DIY?

Is your website your laziest employee?

Maybe you feel it’s no longer a
true representation of you and your business.