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Almost Finished!

Still haven't nailed down your brand vibes?

To look professional online, your TOP PRIORITY is to make a few solid decisions about your brand, that you stick to no matter what you’re designing . .  .

Color palette | Fonts | Logo |
Background Patterns

I’ve made it extra easy for you - I made you a guided brand kit template in which I walk you through those decisions so that each of your designs reflect your business perfectly, cohesively.

By using the same design elements across your materials, your online business will look professional and cohesive.


That is what branding is. 

When your business looks cohesive and recognizable.

And it starts with just a few simple but important decisions
regarding your brand elements.

bright orange and red arrow down

These are the branding decisions you need to make:

  •  Color palette
  •  Fonts & font sizes
  •  Background patterns & textures
  •  Simple logo

But you don’t need to figure out how to make the right brand choices alone.

I made a template where you can just plop in your ideas into

. . . you guessed it . . .


BUT it’s not only a Canva Template . . . 

In the template I’ve included step by step instructions walking you through HOW to make each decision. Don’t mistake the simplicity for lack of importance. 

This is KEY to looking professional online -

Your brand needs to look cohesive.

So if you’re ready to nail down your brand vibes and look a legit business online, then you need the

One last thing . . .

Almost There!
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Let's Build your Lead Magnet Together

“In class”

which means I’ll be right there to answer your questions as they come up.

It’s almost like co-working, except more guided.

You’ll get to immediately put to use your Brand Kit (if you’re getting that) and design the lead magnet you’ve been meaning to get done for the past few weeks.

7 pm May 5 North America
10:30 am May 6 Australia

This is a live event on Zoom.
It’s live support to get👏🏼it👏🏼done.👏🏼

There will be replays available.

The exact time may vary slightly to accommodate time zones as needed.

What's Happening for $27

  • Live Zoom call class, 90 minutes
  • During class, we’ll decide on your perfect lead magnet idea
  • You’ll choose a template for your lead magnet
  • I’ll show you how to modify the template with your branding & your content
  • Full support while you build - you can ask me questions as you build
  • I’ll review your finished lead magnet

At the end of this class, you'll have "make my lead magnet" checked off your to-do list!

Finish making my lead magnet!

So whatdya think? Get Both?

$9 Easy Brand Kit
+ $27 Lead Magnet in Class

= $36 + applicable tax

No thanks, I want to buy only the Easy Brand Kit for $9.
I want to buy only the Lead Magnet in Class for $27.

I don’t want either of these. For now, I only want the Canva Is Everything mini course for free (which I already signed up for).

"Crystal's high quality expertise is well apparent from the first few minutes you meet her."

Crystal offers high value, to the point information. She is no BS and her high quality expertise is well apparent from the first few minutes you meet her. She has deep tech marketing knowledge and has been trained by mentors who are the best in the business. I trust and highly recommend her!- Sarah Bergman Nadimpalli

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