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Why you should do Zoom discovery calls rather than telephone or just audio calls.

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I ALWAYS do my Discovery Calls (I call them the 1st Free Consult Call) via Zoom rather than a regular phone call. My ADHD and suspected Autism are reason enough. But not every potential client cares about those super valid reasons, so here’s my answer that sounds more professional and logical to neurotypical people.

I copied/pasted my recent answer to someone who suggested we do a phone call rather than Zoom. After this short explanation, they were VERY happy to get on a Zoom call instead!

It is important to me that we do Zoom rather than a regular phone call for three reasons.

1) I highly value the face to face connection with my clients; I’m warm and friendly and this makes me feel connected to you and your business as a whole rather than just seeing a website and money.

2) When we are on Zoom, we can do a screenshare and I’ll look at your website, sales page, or whatever assets you’re needing my help with. This is my way of already digging in a little bit right from the start, before you’ve even decided whether you’ll hire me, so that you can experience my style of communication and get a feel for my business expertise.

3) Lastly, I need to record every call and Zoom allows me to do that. Recording the calls ensures that I don’t miss anything when I’m trying to both listen and take notes. I will never use any recording of you for anything outside of this purpose, without your consent.

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