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Top 8 Reasons I Choose MailerLite Over Any other Email Marketing Platform (including ConvertKit and FloDesk!)

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I have SOOOO many reasons why MailerLite is my favourite cheap but POWERFUL alternative to the popularly recommended ConvertKit, FloDesk, Kajabi email, ActiveCampaign, Constant Contact, etc. 

 MailerLite* has lots of great features! Allow to give you my uncensored buffet of reasons why I DEFINITELY recommend that you try MailerLite over ConvertKit.

So without further delay. 


Here’s Why You should Use MailerLite Rather than ConvertKit as your Email Service Provider


  • MailerLite ✨ Free plan until you need to upgrade at 1000+ subscribers or to integrate Stripe.

    ⇒ Convertkit has a free plan but with free, you cannot automate your email sequences so I’m not sure what’s the point…. . So essentially there ISN’T a free plan, so you’re paying $9 or $30 per month for what you get for free in MailerLite.

  • MailerLite ✨ It’s very clean and light feeling.

    ⇒ Convertkit, honestly is NOT intuitive at all to me; it feels archaic and like they’re due for a system update. Heavy, clunky, and archaic are my top descriptors for how it feels to use.

  • MailerLite ✨ Once you need to upgrade, it’s only $10 per month! SO CHEAP.

    ⇒ Convertkit, also $9/ month when you upgrade to experience all the same benefits that MailerLite was giving you for free.

  • MailerLite ✨ VERY good sales page/landing page builder comes with it (Mailchimp’s does not work at all in my opinion.

    ⇒ Convertkit, awful awful landing page builder. Do not even attempt. I have no positive words to share about this and I have no “benefit of the doubt” to give. It’s not a wonder people feel they also need a funnel building software on the side if ConvertKit is what they’re trying to use.

  • MailerLite ✨ GREAT segmentation/tagging system.

    ⇒ Convertkit also has GREAT segmentation/tagging system; I would say it is definitely MORE ROBUST than MailerLite’s but so far almost none of my clients have needed or desired that level of robustness. 

  • MailerLite ✨ Easy sequence builder and it’s FREE. You get 10 landing pages for free before having to upgrade.

    ⇒ Convertkit, must upgrade to $9/month in order to automate any email sequences. 

  • MailerLite ✨ Beautiful email template builder

    ⇒ Convertkit, has a non-noteworthy template builder.

  • MailerLite ✨ has premade templates, or you can create your own. You can turn anything you’ve created into Template and duplicate it so that you can always reuse the work you already put into it.

    ⇒ Convertkit,has a mediocre template builder as a total SIDE OPERATION. You CANNOT turn any email you’ve written into a template. You must decide ahead of time that you’re going to create a template, and head into the obscure template builder in order to do so. This is an utter fail. 

I have a self study course called Email List Quickstart teaching how to set up your first freebie funnel. By the end of the course you’ll have completed your freebie, landing page, and nurture sequence in MailerLite*.


With love,

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*affiliate link because this is what I use myself

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