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What Kind of Business Should I Start?

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          The question of the business-creative’s heart. I’m going to guess you’ve asked yourself this question a thousand times — and if you’re like me you might have even asked your friends at least fourteen times. But you love too many things, and to pick just one thing feels constricting. Scary, even, because what if your other passion catches your heart in the middle of creating the business you chose? 

          That was definitely me. I loved everything. I wanted to sell everything, market everything, learn everything, and do everything myself. I probably wasn’t DIY Queen… but a wannabe DIY Queen for sure. Just a few days ago, my mom told me about how much I was to deal with as a little girl wanting to sell everything in our house to “make money”.

          But to commit to ONE THING as an adult who actually NEEDS to make money to pay bills? Oof. That’s a different story all together, isn’t it? 

         Personally, it took me a SOLID chunk of time to find my way through this character trait of mine that I felt was a major weakness. I’ve heard speakers both in the business world and in the spiritual world talk about our greatest weakness being also our greatest strength, and our greatest strength often being our greatest weakness. 

          One of my favourite, well-loved speaker and pastor Kris Vallotton says,

“The dogs of doom stand barking at the door of your destiny.”

The dogs of doom stand barking at the door of your destiny. Kris Vallotton. don't let fear of commitment stop you from offering your gift to the world that's waiting for you!

          Isn’t that so true, so many times when we KNOW what we should do next but we talk ourselves out of it because it takes a risk. That risk, that step of faith, is a “dog of doom”, or far, holding your back from the very thing could be YOUR THING, your destiny. 

          Okay, so practically, how can you know what kind of business you should start?!?!?

          Well, it’s all in the brainstorms, my friend! Brainstorming happens to be my FAVOURITE thing because I guess I’m a dreamer. I know you’re probably a dreamer too, so let’s take this raw boulder and brainstorm-chisel a business out of it. We’re about to begin writing out a couple lists, so quickly download these gorgeous printable lists so you can work along with me here as I instruct: crystalbantel.com/my-brainstorm-lists 

          First of all, let’s list all the things in your head. If something accidentally comes out onto paper that has nothing to do with business, that’s fine. If it’s in your head and taking up space, write it down to give it permission to settle. Write it all down. All the possibilities, all the interests, passions, hobbies that you either already are dabbling with or have dabbled with in the past. All the things that would “get jealous” if you committed to something other that it. You know what I’m talking about! Before I settled on my business of choice, I was scared to settle on that one, because, well, this OTHER passion of mine would get jealous.

Crystal's passions

          Okay, let’s make another list. On this list, write down ALLLLL the skills you have. The obvious skills, any unique talents, abilities that you have that not each of your friends might have. What are you good at? What do people ask you questions about? 

My skills that might be good business ideas.

          One more! This is the last list for now. Write a list of things you have experience with; either job experience, or even any TASTE of experience that really left a lasting impression of, “I love this. I could actually do this!” You can include things you’ve done as your first summer jobs, volunteer things you’ve done, babysitting, dog walking, some bookkeeping for dad’s side hustle, being an assistent at a children’s event, writing short stories…. like literally, if you’ve done it, name it. This is your super thorough resume of yourself to yourself.

My Past Experience

          So now that it’s all listed out on a piece of paper or maybe even on three pieces of paper, highlight or put a star by “the most jealous passions”. The ones that really want to happen–the ones you see the most joy behind and the most potential with. 

           If you didn’t down the free printable PDF lists, and now you realize you should have, here’s the link again 😛 crystalbantel.com/my-brainstorm-lists

           Use your intuition too… which skills on the Skills List stand out to you as something you’d LIKE to actually make use of, develop, and use as a source of income? Highlight/star those as well.

          Hopefully you’ve found approximately 3-8 items to highlight as ones worth considering for further business brainstorming. Now, look at the highlighted items and compare them to your list of past experience. what do you feel? Does something become clear to you?

          It doesn’t HAVE to be obvious. It can be, but doesn’t need to be. For example, just because you did some data entry for your dad when you were 13, AND you ended up doing a chunk of the office work at the hardware store for a couple years a few years ago, that doesn’t mean that you are cut out to be an online bookkeeper. It might though! But that’s for you to sift through. Just because you know that you could make big money as a bookkeeper doesn’t mean that has to be your obvious answer.

          But let’s say, you have always loved cooking. In fact you listed cooking as one of your passions, AND as a skill, AND as experience because you were cooking the family dinners half the time when you still lived at home just because you love experimenting with food.

          Let’s say also, you’ve worked in a wedding event planning business for the 8 years before you actually got married, because you ADORE planning events. Your favourite part of managing the weddings at this venue was actually the food service part of it. 

          I’m actually describing a real person in the paragraph above 😛 She’s my dear sister in law who I’ve been working with to brainstorm her business ideas and you know what she doing with her passions and skills and life experience? She’s starting up a super sweet membership called the Laugh & Ladle Cooking Club for moms of littles who want to add fun and creativity to their cooking, and get their toddlers involved and loving the food.

          She’ll be doing weekly live cooking videos, and chances are she’ll be wearing her baby or hoisting a curly-haired toddler up onto the counter top while she’s on live video.


Get on this mama’s waiting list at www.kaylabantel.com

to get your foot into the door of her awesome cooking club that’ll get you and your babes eating super fun, simple, CLEAN food.

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          It’s seriously the cutest thing–it’s the raw beauty of motherhood with the expertise of someone who’s loved cooking all her life, passing on experiences, tips, recipes, and lots of plants-based WFPBNO goodness! She is ready to launch her membership soon so let me know if you want to get in! She didn’t even know I accidentally began advertising her new business in here haha but I just messaged her about it so it’s some surprise advertising for her 😉 

          Does that inspire you!? It sure inspires me! Okay I could obviously keep going for days on this but hopefully this is a helpful start as you begin brainstorming your business options. There are thousands more angles to consider or ways of combing through your options — But just remember, don’t let fear of commitment stop you from offering your gift to the world that’s waiting for you! Don’t let those “dogs of doom” deter you from your destiny.

          Be looking for the next blog post coming up because in it I’m going to talk about how to turn SEVERAL of your passions into ONE business! Because if you truly have a hard time commiting to just one idea, then choosing your TWO top favs could be the road you choose to take. Stay tuned!

          Love you dears <3 I’m always ready to brainstorm with you!

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