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WHEN: Friday, Feb 2, 2024

TIME: 1 pm CST

WHERE: Zoom Call

THIS IS NOW A REPLAY OF A LIVE SESSION that happened on Friday, Feb 2, 2024.

Do freebies, funnels, sales pages, and landing pages have you seeing double? 👀

In this demo I’ll show you behind the scenes how I build set up a freebie funnel from scratch. 

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Words from past students

screenshot of a statement from client
screenshot of a statement from client

(when they say “class” they’re referring to our weekly guided co-working Zoom calls inside my 1 Year Group Program)

Say it with me: "I Embrace Tech & Design with Confidence & Ease"

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Star graphics

Trying to align your ADHD, Autistic, or C-ptsd mind with the standard marketing practices of famous gurus can lead our neurodivergent minds to frustration & burnout.

This is why I am breaking it down into small little doable steps because I’m tired of the burnout. You’re tired of the burnout. We’re ALL tired of the burnout.

So i built a program for Neurodivergent Business Owners to provide a full year of support as you build your online business from scratch, but honouring YOUR body and mind and emotions instead of clawing ourselves out trying to adhere to the current marketing rules.

FOR NOW THOUGH, join me on my little party on zoom where I’ll show you the behind the scenes as I built out one foundational piece of what you need in your online business. 🙂

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Oh have I not introduced myself yet?!

Hey 👋🏼 I’m Crystal Bantel and everyone around here knows me as their Tech Fairy. 

Also, “Your Tech Fairy” is my actual registered business name 🥰.

I picked the name because it leaves almost questions as to what I do or who I am. However I won’t assume that EVERYONE knows what a Tech Fairy is!

I became an entrepreneur at age 8 selling bouquets of wildflowers in mason jars to my grandma, with paper coins (that I made for her to purchase with, so I guess I was the bank also).

(I've successfully turned my kids into entrepreneurs now too 😅)

They are 6 and 8 now and started a sticker business and their first craft market was a smashing success. 

I’ve started so many businesses over my 3 decades of life so far. A number of them were really successful, although certainly not all! The last business before this one was sewing & selling handmade maternity underwear.

I came to a point where I really wanted to find ONE business I could focus on that would encapsulate ALL my passions into one (really just so that I wouldn’t get bored and move on to the next new idea). 

I became certified as an online business coach because I realized that helping other entrepreneurs start their new business was JUST AS THRILLING to me as starting another new one myself! 

And my doorway into these new businesses? Designing their websites. I had built my first website at age 11, when internet was JUST barely a thing. And then when I was still in the sewing biz, I’d discovered that I enjoyed making the website for it MORE than sewing underwear so building websites was definitely a skill I could monetize. 

children at a craft market for kids by kids

So here I am today, Your Tech Fairy. I have 2-3 decades of experience LOVING BUSINESS and starting more and more of them. I am absolutely FULL of incredible ideas so if you’re short on ideas, I have some to share. 

If you have a cool idea, I am confident I can turn it into a PROFITABLE idea. 

Business, tech, design, and me are best buddies and I’d like to introduce you to them if you’re interested 😅 🙌🏼 . 

This is for you if

You know you need to build an Email List before launching your course, membership, coaching program, or ecommerce product.

DIYing everything is not working as fast or as smoothly as you had hoped.

You’ve been mostly selling your offer by word-of-mouth
You know it’s time to start growing your audience so that you’ll have people to sell to once your program’s actually ready.
You still need to set up your Email Service Provider, build your landing page, and automate your nurture sequence. 

You too can learn to embrace tech & design with confidence and ease.



This is for you if you already have

a CLEAR, or a relatively clear idea of what you want to sell online (don’t worry, I’ll help finalize and clarify your idea in class).

You can use the online marketing techniques I teach to build a following & email list for

  1. Online course
  2. Membership
  3. Subscription
  4. Coaching program (1:1 or group)
  5. Online or in person services
  6. Digital products or Physical Products

This may not be for you if

  1. You’re still unsure of your “business idea.”

  2. You are not an expert at something

  3. You don’t have a skill to share
  4. You do not want to be self-employed
  5. You don’t need help with online marketing.

Watch the Freebie Funnel Demo, Free!

Quote testimonial: "The number one "fit" factor was you! I loved the idea of having a non judgmental space to ask all of my tech questions and have someone walk me through setting up my website."
I went into it thinking that FFA would feel like a success, and 100% worth my money, If I can get the basic tech set up and actually understand how I got there. THIS HAPPENED. My freebie funnel is set up and collecting subscribers!

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