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My 8 Step Process for Using Facebook Groups to Grow your Email List Faster Easily!

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Over time, I have perfected my process for how to use other business owners’ Facebook groups to grow my own email list without being spammy. I would say at this point, about 50% of my leads come from this exact process, and the owners of the fb groups WELCOME ME. So what’s the trick?

Being insanely generous and helpful in their Facebook groups!

Here’s my process, in 8 easy steps.

– Make your personal profile very stalkable… ie. make sure it includes lots of very relavant business info to make it very clear what you do and who you help. Links, bio, crisp profile photo, and business related but non-busy cover photo.

– The CAPTION of your cover photo can contain live clickable links so make use of the caption area to talk about your biz, your course, and your freebie.

– Make your GROUP BIO very specifically customized to whichever group you’re in. In every single group you are in, you can be making a unique bio for it! This is way under-utilized. It can’t contain live links but make it clear who you help OR what freebie you’re offering, as it relates to the group that is in. You could include a short CTA such as, Click the link to my freebie in my personal profile bio.

– Be vigilant to answer questions several days a week in various various FB groups where your ICA is!!! BE GENEROUS!!! Don’t be spammy. Give without expectation of anything other than “OMG THANK YOU SO MUCH that is exactly what I meant!!!!!” which is definitely a response you will get repeatedly if you are answering people’s questions that are directly related to your niche. Don’t bother with questions that are not your area of expertise… you don’t need to take up space that is for someone else’s expertise ?. Just be very helpful when it comes to whatever relates to your world.

– You don’t even have to mention that you have a freebie. If it flows into the conversation you could, but make sure that it does not in the SLIGHTEST come across as, please get my freebie. You could refer to it but make it completely expectation free.

– Sign EVERY. SINGLE. ANSWER. with your business title with a tiny tagline of what you do underneath (this is how you’ll notice I’m signing off under this comment once I’m done typing heheh) People will start thinking of YOUR NAME as the person who is the expert when it comes to (your niche) because every time someone asks something in your niche, you always have the most amazing and helpful and thorough answers.

– People will begin stalking you and possibly dming you. I rarely ask people to dm me. I let that happen naturally. If they read in my little tagline or anywhere in my comment that I help people with starting their email list, and they ADORE my helpful responses, they will ask me for help if they choose to! Believe me, this is now 50% of my sales that come in like this, JUST by being incredibly generous and helpful.

– Final tip, make your answer be the best most readable one by formatting it well. Notice how I used dashes in this answer to you ?. Sometimes I’ll make each sentence into a new paragraph if it’s super technical info.

With Love,

Your Tech Fairy

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