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The Cheapest Way to Start a Membership

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Hi Susie!

I’m Your Tech Fairy, perhaps I can help.

I have experienced many different email platforms and I can tell you that the cheapest one as well as easiest to use is MailerLite.

It’s free up to 1000 subscribers and once you do need to upgrade, it’s only $10/month.

The free version of MailerLite includes a full on landing page builder that is easier to use as well as more customizable than FloDesk or ConvertKit.

Upgrade to the $10/month and you’ll get the Stripe integration meaning you can turn your landing pages into sales pages to be able to collect the recurring revenue for your memberships.

The absolute minimal viable options for membership are free too and these are actual options other successful membership owners have started with:

– secret Facebook group, you only add in paid members. Use the Guides to organize your content.

– email only! Yes you could literally just be emailing your deliverables and teachings via just your email platform to your paid members. Upgrade to a real platform once you’re ready. Still use a fb group for community aspect if you like.

– Telegram thread (similar to WhatsApp but more secure/more features) with paid members only.

– Pensil community just like Gabriella mentioned. More tech set up than my above “minimum viable options” but free nonetheless.

I have a free private podcast teaching step by step, in chronological order, how to set up your MailerLite account and how to build landing pages and nurture sequences with it. Let me know if that would help you!

Good luck my dear.

With love,

Your Tech Fairy

(WordPress | Searchie | Email marketing setup… building them out & connecting all the dots to make one fully functioning online business)

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