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The Best Quiz Softwares for your Budget

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Recently someone asked about what the best quiz software is. That’s a very open ended question because there are a number of great ones but it just depends on what your budget is or what specific features are important to you.

Here was my quick and dirty answer. I have not cleaned it up so just take it as it is for now and i’ll come in sometime and develop these thoughts a little more at length!

Depending how basic/cheap or fancy you want to go I have a few suggestions as follows.. 


Use your ESP. I use MailerLite, and I’ve used it to do a simple multi question quiz. I actually manipulated it to turn it into a 20 question questionnaire hahaha. But it’s definitely not the same as using a software that is built specifically for quizzes and quiz segmentation. 

Pros: cheap/free, segment by answers on individual questions, and also you can create automations easily for whatever you want as it’s right within your ESP. 


Interact is a pretty good quiz creator. Dedicated to creating beautiful, stylish quizzes that feel fluid and intuitive. You have to upgrade to be allowed to collect email addresses from your leads. Weirdly, it will  NOT segment by individual answers, it actually will only segment based on final results. 

Pros: beautiful/stylish, very easy to use because it’s literally made for quiz-making.

I have an affiliate link for Interact if you’d like to try it! You can start for free and upgrade if you love it. www.crystalbantel.com/interactquiz

VERY fancy:

Bucket.io right up front, it is friggin EXPENSIVE I believe it’s $99/month or worse. Maybe even $199/month. However, they are a full on funnel system. My understanding is you could possibly use it as your ESP because it is a full on segmentation and funnel maker, with their main premise being that your lead magnet is always going to be a quiz. It’s extremely intuitive, fun to use, GORGEOUS backend (like it feels like the most modern CRM or something), and includes a whole academy of training for how to build incredibly effective sales funnels based on quiz segmentation. It’s run by Ryan Levesque who is (as far as I know) the actual top headcheese of quizzes as a marketing philosophy ?. Downside though is he only sells it by launch, and so if his cart’s closed, then you’re out of luck until next round.

Pros: it’s perfect in all ways as far as I know other than the price tag. But if you feel it can replace a few other softwares you’ve been using anyway, or if you anyway would like a FULL training on how to truly harness the power of quizzes as lead generation, then the price tag may not be a factor. <3 

Hopefully that helps!!!!!

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