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Crystal Bantel - web design for businesses transitioning to online marketing

You got it, emails it is! Thanks for your vote.

If you happen to change your mind and decide you’d like to join me and the others on the Telegram channel, feel free to join here at any point!

I 100% respect your choice of emails, however IF for any reason you are simply unsure, I’ll provide a few more details.

Telegram is similar to facebook messenger or whatsapp, kind of blended together in style. 

It’s one of the safest communication apps (safer than Whatsapp and I love Whatsapp). 

It has a feature that makes it very easy for me to ask questions in a poll, and everyone can click their vote anonymously and you can see what percentage of people voted for whichever option. 

It also allows me to send voice messages, video messages, or just regular texts.

The best part is that it is accessible in ANY way you prefer. 

You can download it as a messaging app on your iphone or android or mac IOS, or if you don’t want to download an app, you can easily access it just via the Web as well.