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Tech Stack Examples for Online Course or Membership

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If you’ve been trying to wrap you brain around all the platforms for all the parts of creating a course and online business, and/or you’re wondering if Kajabi is really the only option out there that will solve all your problems . . . it’s not!

There are many “tech stacks” you can put together.

A tech stack is a cool course creator term meaning: the stack of platforms that you integrate to become one fully-functioning online business, all flowing together from

?Lead magnet Funnel > Email Marketing System > Webinar > Sales Page > Course/Membership > Website ?

Connecting the dots image between the various online tech assets such as sales page, website, course platform, etc.



1️⃣ If your main aim is to decrease the number of platforms for the lowest monthly fees use this tech stack for DIY

➡︎ WordPress with Elementor Pro ($59/yr) as page builder and Hello Theme for website, course platform (just password protect pages, or get an additional plugin), landing/sales pages, blog. WordPress is limitlessly expandable and you will never be limited in growing your business (one time fees or cheap monthlies).

➡︎  MailerLite for all emails including automations and weekly newsletters. Can also be used for landing/sales pages very beautifully. (free till 1k subs, then $10/mo)

2️⃣ If your main aim is to make it EASY and fast startup, with many bells and whistles, but minimal platforms

➡︎  Searchie for website, checkout page, course hub, membership hub, podcast hosting, video recording with their chrome extension ($29-166/month)

➡︎  MailerLite for all emails including automations and weekly newsletters. (free till 1k subs, then $10/mo)


2️⃣ If your main aim is to make it robust and all the best features for each piece of your online business with no care about number of platforms nor price, then the sky is really the limit (since all-in-ones like Kajabi are rarely if ever amazing at aLL things)

➡︎  Wordpress for website, built by professional web designer

➡︎  Thrivecart (3rd party) or Studio Cart (WP plugin) for payment processing/shopping cart/funnels/landing & sales pages

➡︎  Searchie, Xperiencify, Kajabi, LearnDash, etc for course platform

➡︎  ConvertKit or Hubspot (SUPER FANCY) for full CRM and email service provider and analytics system all in one.

➡︎  Hello Audio for hosting your public podcast and unlimited private podcasts for each of your courses, and a private feed for each of your studets if you have VIPS etc.


2️⃣  If you just want an all-in-one, regardless of cost, and regardless of each department NOT being “best of the best” (all-in-ones never are!!!)

➡︎  Xperiencify
➡︎  New Zenler
➡︎  Kajabi

AND, For your first webinars:

➡︎  Zoom!
➡︎  or Zoom
➡︎  Just stick with Zoom

▶︎▶︎▶︎ So as you can see, Kajabi is NOT the only option out there.

It’s just very popular and many people who promote it are an affiliate for it. You’re also the most likely to EASILY find support when you go with a system that is popular such as Kajabi. ◀︎◀︎◀︎


The tech stack that I personally use for myself and for my clients (normally) include: WordPress, Searchie, and MailerLite. That’s my favourite tech stack.


I created a comprehensive “Tech Stack Overview” whiteboard on Canva that I’m happy to give you access to for free!

This will help you visualize what you’ll need and where you’re at.


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