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"Working with Crystal, my tech
fairy, has been a god send." - Dina Tarah, MFT

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Increase your online business credibility with a professional website, buyer-psychology optimized sales page, and an online course/membership hub.

Your Tech Fairy offers expertise in the following, but not limited to:

WordPress | Searchie | Kajabi | Squarespace | MailerLite | ConvertKit

I will build your bespoke website and highly customized online learning hubs for

Connecting the dots image between the various online tech assets such as sales page, website, course platform, etc.

and connect all the tech “dots” that make them flow together.

The process will look like this:

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Ready to Begin?

Book your 1st Consult Call here:

Your 1st Consult Call will be $200. If you choose to move forward with the project, the full amount of $200 will be applied to your invoice.