Are you weary of "winging it" in business?

You've taken business course after business course after business training.
You know all the things you should be doing in your business.

… but somehow being your own boss is 

turning out to be harder than you thought it should be.

You know you need to build an email list. You know you need a freebie to grow it. You have heard of the success that can come with collaborations. You have heard of the money you can save and the profits you can make by solo-ing it. You've heard about masterclasses, workshops, webinars, facebook ads, ideal customers and all the online marketing things.
What if?
What if you had business coach?
What if you could brainstorm your business ideas with a business mentor?
What if you could chat with someone who has business connections and business training and is a certified entrepreneur coach?
I am a certified entrepreneur coach and I can help bring your business ideas to life.
Crystal Bantel can help you work on, or even change, your money mindset and stop the poverty thinking. It's time for us to take on a healthy mindset of wealth! Abundance is not riches, it's a position of the heart.
If you need accountability for goal setting in your business, consider hiring Crystal Bantel as your business coach.
You can have a home life and a home business. You can be a mom entrepreneur.
Mom entrepreneurs

I warmly invite you to consider

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With 2 options to choose from:

Private Business Coaching by Crystal Bantel is available.
Private Business Coaching by Crystal Bantel is available.

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Have you been bombarding yourself with info and business tips but just need some personal guidance for how to LITERALLY START your online marketing?

Certified Business Coach, certified Entrepreneur Coach -- Crystal Bantel.
Certified Business Coach, certified Entrepreneur Coach -- Crystal Bantel.

My name is Crystal Bantel and I’m a wife, mom, and friend who is passionate about empowering moms to pursue their online business success in the midst of everyday (possibly chaotic!) motherhood.

I have been happily married 6.5 years and have two little children aged 3 and 4.5 and two babies in heaven. We live in Winnipeg, MB. Canada.

I have started and run a handful of successful business and some not so successful over the years. I have no shortage of ideas, each of which I LOVE fully developing; but I’ve begun to realize I can’t run every single business I come up with. I have discovered that creating YOUR business is actually every bit is as satisfying for me!

  1. I will take your ideas

  2. work with you to develop them into solid business strategies

  3. help you through the entire technical process of setting you up online

  4. and empower you to market your business 

  5. to bring in a high profit, FUN income. 

You can create a solid, successful online business. It’s not as easy to find time when your little wildlings are flying around the house, crying for snacks, or pulling at each other’s toys (that’s assuming you’re a parent like I am haha but if you’re not… insert whatever chaos you’ve been experiencing during covid).

     If you feel an urgency to solidify and grow your business idea then this is a good place to begin. I’d love to hold your hand through the entire process of starting up or growing your business.

    Okay dear, You’ve got this! I’ll check in with you soon. With much love, your new friend

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I am so proud of you just as you are, you super-business-woman!
Thank you for your time today 🙂

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