Your Tech Fairy is located on Treaty 1 land, home of multiple  Indigenous nations (listed Here) and I am grateful to the original stewards of this land that I am permitted to conduct business here. 

► Course/Membership Platform Build ◀︎


►Platform Build + Student Experience ◀︎


Time to work on the big offer that will actually bring you the income from the audience that has begun gathering around you. You will most likely have written out your learning program outline before we get to this point from the time that we had the coaching call around planning out your learning program content. 

  • I’ll set up your account on your chosen learning platform. 
  • I’ll structure the learning program with you or for you 
    ‣ the actual process you want to take your students through
    ‣ the pages for all the content you’ll want to deliver
  • I’ll design/provide the graphics and images needed to enhance the experience
    ‣ the graphics for backgrounds, video thumbnails, etc perfectly matching your brand
    ‣ templates for any worksheets and other pdf assets for your lessons
  • I’ll build a simple checkout page/payment processor; setup/testing (full long form sales page is in Sales Sequence pack)
  • I’ll automate the batched emails that will take them from moment of purchase to the launch of the program. 
  • I’ll automated the batched emails that will take them through the learning program in a simple way (for either a full 6-9 module course, or first 6 months of membership, etc).
    – Welcome email
    – Weekly Module emails (Dive into Module 4! etc)
    – Weekly or monthly Q&A calls or any regular live call reminder emails

    – Graduation or closing the program email



The Following Included only if you Add the Student Experience

  • Custom program enhancement elements such as 
              ➾ their calendar of upcoming events/lessons
              ➾ a streamlined way for them to ask you questions, such as a Video Ask bubble or help desk etc.
              ➾ 1-3 simple assessment quizzes to track their progress throughout your program (complex ones extra fee)
              ➾ any simple type of gamification/points system if you want that in your program (complex ones extra fee)
  • ADDITIONAL automated batched emails that will take them through the learning program for an enhanced transformational experience (for either a full 6-9 module course, or first 6 months of membership, etc). Besides the emails you get in the 4500 package, you get additional sequences scheduled to enhance your students’ program experience SUCH AS:
              ➾ Implementation/encouragement/mindset emails throughout the program
              ➾ Follow up sequence space out over the next 3, 6, or 12 months after they’ve completed your program to provide continuing nurture/support,                   as well as to keep you top of mind for any future needs they have.
                ➾ Invitation email sequence (up to 5 emails) to whatever’s next after your program