This is for the Neurodivergent Entrepreneur who craves more support to start their Email List, but it's too techy and designy and aloney.

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Join our community that empowers entrepreneurs with ADHD, Autism, Dyslexia, C-PTSD, POTS, & chronic conditions

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When we first started the accelerator, I was really worried that I wouldn’t be able to keep up and worse, fail again at basic tech! I had been stuck at the same part of the steep tech mountain for a long time! But a few weeks in, I wasn’t just making tiny steps to the top, I was literally leaping there!- Deepa

That’s my passionate student Deepa ☝🏽

She completed her entire freebie funnel with landing page and automated emails by the end of the program and is now experiencing an influx of coaching clients!

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12 Months of Online Business Mentorship for Neurodivergent Business Owners who need to start their Email Marketing.


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Learn How to Embrace the Tech & Design of Online Business with Confidence & Ease

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Are you feeling tangled up in the tech & design?

As an entrepreneur functioning in a very non-linear way,
you started your business fuelled by a deep, passionate desire to make a meaningful impact on your audience.

You hyperfocused on getting your offer planned out and then bumped into the barrier of all the new lingo you had to learn for online marketing. 

Now you're trying to piece together marketing strategies that in reality are burning out your brain.

You might think it’s just a lack of technical skills mixed with brain fog; but honestly a huge part of the struggle is just finding a method that resonates with the way your mind, body, and emotions function and flow from day to day.

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Trying to align your ADHD or autistic mind with the standard marketing practices of famous gurus can lead our atypical minds to frustration & burnout.

Words from past students

screenshot of a statement from client
screenshot of a statement from client

(when they say “class” they’re referring to our weekly guided co-working Zoom calls)

Introducing a 12 Month Group Program
to nurture Neurodivergent Entrepreneurs

With all the support you have been craving for with virtual "handholding", on-screen guided walkthroughs while you're building, and access to a growing library of step-by-step tech & design tutorials.

mockups of the course
mockups of the course
mockups of the course
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“Working with Crystal, my tech fairy, has been a god send.” - Dina Tarah, MFT​

You'll Get . . .

✅  12 Months of Group Coaching Support & Guided Coworking Calls. You’re investing in yourself NOT stopping short of a year. Online Business is a long game.

✅  Live-On-Call Tech Support as you’re building & automating your freebie, landing page, nurture email automations, email marketing, website, sales page, etc.

✅  Supportive Community Live Chat inside Telegram with ability to organize and mute as you like.

✅  Multi-Weekly Check-ins in the group Live Chat for Mindset & Motivation.

✅  Click-by-Click Written & Visual Instructional Guides for all pieces of tech that you’ll need to build your freebie funnel.

✅  Library of chronological, Click-by-Click Video Tutorials for all the tech and design.

✅  Feedback on your projects in the Telegram chat or on calls.

✅  Templates, Swipes, and Resources that make starting out with email marketing as breezy as possible.

✅  Submit Requests for additional tutorials or instructions you find yourself needing.

✅  Ask ANY questions that you have about business, design, tech, and online marketing! I am your Tech Fairy in your Pocket. 🙂

✅  Safe space for ADHD- and Autistic-friendly marketing strategies & discussions.

✅  Zero Judgement as we honour the ebbing and flowing of your energy levels and emotions which are allowed to fluctuate. 

✅  Flexible and customized approach as each mind functions uniquely

A 12 Month Group Coaching & Guided Co-Working Experience for Neurodivergent Business Owners.

What Happens When I Join?

When you join today, you'll get Immediate Access!

✅  Immediate Access to Easy Brand Kit, a simple template & training for how to come up with your own simple or temporary branding with logo, fonts, colors, and textures inside Canva

✅ 1:1 Telegram Live Chat access with Crystal for 7 days regardless of which Level of Support you purchase, to get you settled in and so we can get to know each other. 

✅  Immediate Access to the Freebie Funnels Accelerator course in the Hub. You can get started with Step 0 to iron out any decisions you have left to make regarding your niche, audience, & offer before we dive into building your freebie funnel.

✅  Immediate access to my beginners’ Canva Class. This recorded workshop takes you from beginner’s introduction to Canva’s basics all the way to how to use Canva for designing launch graphics and your actual freebie. (I’ll be re-recording this soon and you’ll have access as soon as that’s ready too!)

This program is made for entrepreneurs starting from scratch with their email marketing and audience building.

We will begin with setting up your Email Marketing

because that's the FOUNDATION of your Online Business!

So when you join, you'll have immediate access to

freebie funnels accelerator - word logo

Here's what's inside Freebie Funnels Accelerator:

Step 0 - Clarity

— Come up with simple branding (can be temporary or evolving) for a fast, fun win using my Easy Brand Kit method.

— Define exactly who you are most capable of helping, and what they need help with.

— Clarify Your Niche, Audience, and Offer.

mockup of lead magnet examples

Step 1 - Write the Freebie

— Decide on what valuable free resource you’ll write for your ideal students.

— Introduction to how to use effectively use ChatGPT as you draft your freebie

— Complete writing your freebie content.

Mac desktop computer opened to Canva website

Step 2 - Design & Prepare the Freebie

— Introduction to Canva

— Use Canva to design your freebie

— Preparing your freebie to get into the hands of your ideal students.

Mockup of laptop opened to MailerLite website

Step 3 - Email System Setup

— Purchase your domain

— Set up your MailerLite account

— How to get approved on MailerLite

Step 4 - Building your Landing Page

— Learn the anatomy of a good landing page

— Use template to plan your landing page design

— Build your landing page

mockup of a thank you page on a laptop

Step 5 - Building your Success Page

— Design the Success or “Thank you” Page

— Fine tuning the settings of your landing page

screenshot of someone's MailerLite automations

Step 6 - Automating your Nurture Emails

— Write & automate the freebie-delivery email

— Create an email template for reusing on all subsequent emails

— Write & automate the rest of your nurture sequence of emails

— Test your funnel

mockup of two pdf guides

Step 7 - Creating Content & Weekly Emails

— How to nurture your audience with daily, weekly, monthly and/or sporadic content and emails

— Batching your social media and emails

Step 8 - Audience Growth Strategies

— Social media

— Regular Emails

— Various types of Long-form content

— A challenge for getting your first 10 subscribers

Don't just take my word for it though. Here's what a current student, Jacqui, thinks about this program:

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In only a month, I’ve built my landing, success page, and the beginnings of my very first newsletter!

Joining ‘My Year of Tech & Design Confidence’ has changed my life! Before her program, I was so overwhelmed because creating an email list for my business was on my to-do list for over a year and I had no idea where to start.

This program feels like magic!! From day one, Crystal’s guidance and resources gave me the clarity and direction I needed to start my online business journey. The results were (nearly) instant and tangible. In only a month, I’ve built my landing, success page, and the beginnings of my very first newsletter!

To anyone on the fence about joining, let me tell you, it’s worth every penny and more. Sure, there’s a financial commitment, but the value you receive in return is immeasurable. The weekly meetings are the only structured commitment; the rest is flexible and will fit your schedule seamlessly.

I’m really grateful for Crystal's support and expertise. She's always there to answer questions and her tutorials are so easy to follow!

 If you’re ready to learn how to be confident with tech and design, ‘My Year of Tech & Design Confidence’ is the place to be. Don’t wait – join us and you’ll see the type of progress I’ve experienced too!

– Jacqui Wou, Artist at Mochi And The Artist

Completing the FFA course looks like you having the following*:

Professional looking freebie

Effective landing page

Automated freebie delivery

Automated nurture emails sequence

Simple branding

Confident designing launch materials in Canva

* Sometimes the energy isn’t there, whether physically or mentally. 

However, my commitment in this program is to show up for you to support you to be able to get this completed, working WITH not against your energy flows.

Please know, that you are completely welcome to move at your own pace. There’s a REASON I made this program 12 months long - to support you through not just one quick sprint of setting up ONE PIECE of your online business over the period of 2 months. 

BUT RATHER, to guide you through starting out with your email marketing however long that takes, and then to continue supporting you as you move into the next steps of online business after that’s established.

Eventually you will want a sales page. A website. A place to house your offer (whether it’s a course, memberships, coaching program, product-based business, etc.)

I’m here for you. I’ll be with you as LONG as you want/need the support. I will NEVER let you believe that you’re stuck or behind. Okay? 

This is your chance to be personally guided, in a safe small group setting, to actually COMPLETE your first fully functioning freebie funnel, with real subscribers beginning to grow your email list.
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Oh have I not introduced myself yet?!

Hey 👋🏼 I’m Crystal Bantel and everyone around here knows me as their Tech Fairy. 

Also, “Your Tech Fairy” is my actual registered business name 🥰.

I picked the name because it leaves almost questions as to what I do or who I am. However I won’t assume that EVERYONE knows what a Tech Fairy is!

I became an entrepreneur at age 8 selling bouquets of wildflowers in mason jars to my grandma, with paper coins (that I made for her to purchase with, so I guess I was the bank also).

(I've successfully turned my kids into entrepreneurs now too 😅)

They are 6 and 8 now and started a sticker business and their first craft market was a smashing success. 

I’ve started so many businesses over my 3 decades of life so far. A number of them were really successful, although certainly not all! The last business before this one was sewing & selling handmade maternity underwear.

I came to a point where I really wanted to find ONE business I could focus on that would encapsulate ALL my passions into one (really just so that I wouldn’t get bored and move on to the next new idea). 

I became certified as an online business coach because I realized that helping other entrepreneurs start their new business was JUST AS THRILLING to me as starting another new one myself! 

And my doorway into these new businesses? Designing their websites. I had built my first website at age 11, when internet was JUST barely a thing. And then when I was still in the sewing biz, I’d discovered that I enjoyed making the website for it MORE than sewing underwear so building websites was definitely a skill I could monetize. 

children at a craft market for kids by kids

So here I am today, Your Tech Fairy. I have 2-3 decades of experience LOVING BUSINESS and starting more and more of them. I am absolutely FULL of incredible ideas so if you’re short on ideas, I have some to share. 

If you have a cool idea, I am confident I can turn it into a PROFITABLE idea. 

Business, tech, design, and me are best buddies and I’d like to introduce you to them if you’re interested 😅 🙌🏼 . 

With my support, you'll learn to embrace tech & design with confidence and ease.

This is for you if

You know you need to build an Email List before launching your course, membership, coaching program, or ecommerce product.

DIYing everything is not working as fast or as smoothly as you had hoped.

You’ve been mostly selling your offer by word-of-mouth
You know it’s time to start growing your audience so that you’ll have people to sell to once your program’s actually ready.
You still need to set up your Email Service Provider, build your landing page, and automate your nurture sequence. 



This is for you if you already have

a CLEAR, or a relatively clear idea of what you want to sell online (don’t worry, I’ll help finalize and clarify your idea in class).

You can use the online marketing techniques I teach to build a following & email list for

  1. Online course
  2. Membership
  3. Subscription
  4. Coaching program (1:1 or group)
  5. Online or in person services
  6. Digital products or Physical Products

This may not be for you if

  1. You’re still unsure of your “business idea.”

  2. You are not an expert at something

  3. You don’t have a skill to share
  4. You do not want to be self-employed
  5. You don’t need help with online marketing.

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Group Program
Commit for 12 months


  • 3 Group Calls per month
  • Access to all Courses*
  • Group community chat in Telegram
👉🏼 Cannot cancel before 12 months are up
👉🏼 Can upgrade at any time.


VIP Program
Commit for 12 months


  • 3 Group Calls per month
  • Access to all Courses 
  • Group community chat in Telegram
  • Unlimited** 1:1 Telegram chat with Crystal
  • Custom templates/swipes as needed***
  • 1x per month 1:1 calls with Crystal
  • 1x per month Submit your work for review/audit
👉🏼 Cannot cancel before 12 months are up.
👉🏼 Can downgrade or upgrade with 1 month notice.


1:1 Intensive Program
Commit for 3 months


Or $795/month when you commit for 6 months

  • 3 Group Calls per month
  • Access to all Courses 
  • Group community chat in Telegram
  • Unlimited 1:1 Telegram chat with Crystal
  • Custom templates/swipes as needed***
  • 3x per month 1:1 calls with Crystal
  • 1x per month Submit your work for review/audit
👉🏼 Cannot cancel before your 3 or 6 months are up.
👉🏼 Can downgrade any time after the 6 months

*Courses Include: Freebie Funnels Accelerator/ Email List Quickstart, Canva Class, and any future classes to be added for the duration of your time in the program, including WordPress & Searchie.

**Unlimited defined: Unlimited means, “you’re welcome into my house anytime, but I may not always be home!” AKA you may message me at ANY TIME without feeling weird about the time or number of times etc… and I will respond as I’m available 🙂.

**Custom Templates/Swipes: If I see you’re needing a template for something that I have resources for, I’ll whip it up custom for you. I won’t always have a template or swipe for everything but what I have, I will make available! This could be general IG post templates, sales post templates, sales copy swipes, landing page swipes, WordPress website templates (pardon us while I save you hours and thousands of dollars by giving you a website template to just plop your content into….)

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