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How to Merge Two Passions into One Business


          In the previous lesson we brainstormed and wrote down all of your various passions, skills, and experiences. Did you discover which were your “jealous passions”? Hopefully you ended up with not more than 2-3 jealous passions (well, you might have had 5-8 but, let’s narrow those down to 2-3). In this lesson we’re going to talk about merging several of your passions to turn them into one business idea and one successful, non-overhwlemed life! 

How to merge two or more passions into one business
          If you have taken the time to brainstorm and list out all your passions, skills, and experience into the list that you downloaded and filled out in the previous lesson, you may have discovered that it was extremely hard to chop away all but one passion to focus on. And this may not be due to indecisiveness or over-commitment, but because you truly are multi-passionate and there’s no way you could choose one life giving thing over another life giving thing.            It’s totally possible for a multi-passionate person like you and me to run a handful of successful businesses, but it takes a good deal of concentration and the ability to switch “hats” whenever needed. So while you do have my blessing to own multiple businesses (I do as well!), I would strongly recommended that you stagger the startup phases. So let’s focus on one business at a time for now as we’re starting it up.

          Okay, so now do we do with your 2-3 jealous passions? In this lesson we are going to work on merging them for an amazingly unique-to-you business. This is one of the best ways to eliminate your fears of competition … that’s for another lesson though. 

Jealous Passion refers to anything that you are passionate about, interested in, skilled at, or have experience in that, if it were an animate object and could think and feel, would be JEALOUS for the attention and focus if you picked a DIFFERENT passion/interest/skill/experience to turn into a business or otherwise create a larger focus on that it. Basically, a jealous passion ends up being the thing(s) that you simply cannot turn your life-focus away from. You want to pursue it more than anything else on your list.
          This lesson is easier to teach with stories. Let me show you a few examples of how others blended their business ideas and jealous passions into one to get your creative fluids flowing.           Of course, your two favourite “jealous passions” or your blend of the top passion with your most life giving skill/talent will be unique to you, but as you read some of the following examples, use that creativity inside your heart to dream up how you could merge two important parts of you into one solid, thriving business.             Meet Anna. She has taught in a high school for the past seven years. She’s consistently her students’ favourite teacher because she has always put her heart and soul into her students. She has always known that the day would come when she would decide to give up teaching to become a mom, and that season has come for her this summer. She won’t be going back to school in the fall and while she’s delighted to stay home with her baby, she feels drawn by the idea of working from home.           So what could her business be? She has taught for seven years. She loved it. Is there any way she could use her love and experience for teaching in a work-from-home type business? YES!!! Business education is BOOMING right now. Internet usage is up by 50% just from COVID. Hundreds, thousands of people who would have never chosen to sit at home and learn something new. When Anna looked down her list of passions, she had included teaching in all three of her lists because she has many years of experience with teaching, she knows she’s really good at it as a skill, and she LOVES it. There’s no way she’d give that passion up.                        But on her lists, she discovers a few more jealous passions. She likes graphic design, a LOT. In fact, she’s always known to have the absolute best class materials and slide shows when she teaches, because she makes them all herself. Long story short, Anna decided to create a digital course in which she teaches teachers how to create fun, eye-catching, and effective lessons and presentations for their classrooms. In this way, she gets to continue teaching, she gets to beautifully design her entire digital course, and she gets to teach teachers all about graphic design. She’s passionate about this new business in several ways, she’s already skilled at it and an expert on the subject, even though she has never specifically done this before. What a perfect blend, right? 

Anna took an EXPERIENCE, and used it to teach others JUST LIKE HER to use a skill she has.

          I asked some colleagues of mine for examples of what they did to merge their passions/skills/experience and what their new business was that they created out of it. It was inspiring to hear their examples! A few of them gave me permission to use their names and even links to their business if you’re interested in checking them out 🙂 I love seeing the variety of ways they blended together their areas of interest to create an offering that’s very unique to them.

          Marin Johnson said, “I love branding and time management. So now I help women entrepreneurs set up the right business by being organized from the beginning and coming up with awesome branding. ☺️ ” She starts off her relationship with customers by offering a free “schedule audit” to help them figure out where their time is actually being spent each day! Isn’t that so creative!? 

How much time do you have? Where does it go? Where do you want it to go? Figure it ALL out with Marin’s schedule audit.

Get your Schedule Audit HERE

Click the button to take control of your time by getting Marin Johnson’s Schedule Audit.

          Jenn Ann already has three things – her job, her original side hustle since years ago, and a new business she’s formulating now because it’s what’s her REAL jealous passion.

  • Military – still serving and chasing my retirement goals
  • Beauty photographer – original side hustle.
  • Becoming a business strategist for military who want to become entrepreneurs – this is the one she’s now developing

          Even though at the moment she is still serving in the military, she’s beginning to pivot what she’s doing. She made great money with the photography side hustle but she eventually grew resistant to picking up her camera — she just wasn’t passionate about it anymore. But she’s definitely an entrepreneur at heart and she is combining her entrepreneurial passion to help other military become successful entrepreneurs. She’s consolidating her websites, keeping her domain branded to her actual name (so no change there at all), and merging her two different ICA’s (Ideal Customer Avatar) into one person to keep the language and flow of the website consistent to one ICA. Her life has become SO MUCH SIMPLER! She may have lost a few followers who were only there for the photography, but that doesn’t matter to her anymore because she is not passionate enough about photography to continue “entertaining” them. 

Go to Jenn Ann’s Website HERE

          Courtney Fong said, “I love books and personal development so I’m working on combining them together. My concept is based around the “you’re the hero of your own story” kind of idea, and so your personal development journey is like your “character arc” in a story, and it’s okay if it’s a struggle and if you have setbacks because the story would be boring otherwise ? etc. One of my frustrations with the personal development industry and life coaches is the “hard sell”, the over exuberance, and my perception that coaching is for business people, athletes, stay-at-home moms and executives. So I’m wanting to bring it to the readers, the introverts, and the storylovers ?
          Kate Dezarnaulds said, “Arts, community building and advocacy work for startups = a network of coworking spaces in regional areas”

Go to Kate’s Website HERE

Meghann Elisa blends her passion for spirituality and business mentorship into a . . . you guessed it! A business mentorship program with a strong focus on spirituality!
Heather Carr says “I love the arts and learning all I can about new business startups. I merged these two passions by helping artists develop a second income stream by working with corporates!”Grace Moylan says, “I combine my skills in being an artist + my design/ marketing background + empowering and being the Mentor I never had. I merged these skills and passions into mentoring people to bring their creative visions to life and empowering them through my artistic way of design/marketing. ???

See Grace’s GORGEOUS artwork HERE

          Are you getting the idea? Are you getting excited? If you deeply love a few things on your lists of passions/skills/experience, then try to come up with a creative way to merge them into one thing. It’ll put a unique spin on your business which will help eliminate competition too. You might feel that your market or your niche is completely saturated. It may be, but if you can make your niche very specific and merge a few passions to reflect in your business, then you honestly have nothing to worry about! I promise you. I will do another lesson on this in more depth but in short, it’s actually a GOOD thing if your market already has lots of content and marketers. That is a GOOD sign. Just use YOUR OWN VOICE and you will attract your people.

          Now, if you haven’t already, download today’s worksheets to help you merge your jealous passions!

          In our next lesson we will learn how to clarify who exactly is your ideal customer–how to define who they are, how to turn them into your no-competition niche, and how to attract them!


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