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How to Make Solid Decisions

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The 5-Step Process to Making Solid Decisions

Do you have trouble committing to something? 

Do you have trouble choosing one out of fifty amazing options and end up stalling on everything just because you simply cannot decide which option to go with? 

I guarantee this is the trait of a particular personality of probably every character/personality assessment out there. If you’re into Enneagram, DISC, Meyers-Briggs, Strengths Finders, or anything else like that, you probably know exactly which type you are and why you have a hard time making decisions. 

This has definitely been something I’ve struggled with all my life, but it’s something I recognized early on and I have actively tried to counter it and strengthen my ability to make clear decisions. 

I would not be married today if I had not made an almost instant decision haha. I knew I would talk myself out of sending this hottie a facebook message if I didn’t hit send before the weekend. So I asked my parents whether I was about to make a wise decision, and they said yes. So I hit SEND. One year and four months later we were married, after a 6 week engagement! 

And just to clarify if you’re wondering, we are HAPPILY married now, half a month short of 7 years later. 

Anyway, I didn’t come here just to talk about my handsome lover. 

I want to talk about YOU having an AWESOME business idea. Maybe even several! But for this reason or that one, you are stalling on moving forward with any of it because you feel conflicted about which one to choose or you feel that you may regret committing to one and not the other one. 

I’ve felt this a TON in my entrepreneurial years (I say that because adult years would be incorrect haha. I’ve been in my entrepreneurial years for more years than my adults years!). And I still feel this actually, to this very day. Right at THIS very moment, I’m actually struggling with deciding a few things regarding which direction to take my business. 

SURPRISE! I’m a certified entrepreneur coach and yet I struggle with the VERY THING that I coach other startup entrepreneurs how to move forward with! Imagine that. But perhaps that’s why I’m so passionately helping others with this because in serving others, I find a fulfillment and a sense of direction for myself as well.

But this decision I made to make clearer decisions has definitely served me positively. I would probably have never started any businesses had I not made that decision. I guarantee I would still be in school for a generic degree, testing out all the ideas, researching which plans might make me the best income. 

What are some decisions that are breathlessly hovering around in your head, waiting to be acknowledged and made? 

Let’s acknowledge them right now. I’m going to talk you through a decision making process. If you want an actual life changing habit to begin right here right now, then follow my instructions right here right now. Okay?

Take a moment, close your eyes, and take a few deep breaths. Repeat after me, 

“I am bold. I am brave. I remember being afraid or uncertain when thinking of making these decisions, but today I am hopeful. I trust that this inner voice of mine is hopeful and joyful. I have fascinating, wholesome ideas and I know that I am capable of being both spontaneous and wise at the same time.”

Okay, open your eyes. 🙂 Feels kinda good, doesn’t it? 

All right, so now grab a pen and paper or your Notes app and jot down one of the decisions with its 2+ options. It might be a yes or no decision.

Or it might be a more open ended decision such as what kind of business to start really quick now that you’re on Maternity Leave and you dread having to go back to your 9-5 retail job! There might be like five options there that are hovering around in your head and you’re interested in them all but scared to commit to one; because what if it isn’t as glamorous as you imagined and you should have chosen another one of your five options?

Once you’ve written out the 2+ options for a decision you’re needing to make, think through each option and write down either in short, or in long form, what the outcome might look like for you if you went with that option. 

If applicable, you can go so far as to write out the pros and cons of each option. 

Don’t spend too much time on jotting all this down. First instincts are what you need to listen to. If you end up having second, third, or fourth thoughts then MAKE SURE you first write down your INITIAL instinctive thought before writing down the secondary thoughts. 

When it comes to making decisions like this, Only SOMETIMES do the secondary thoughts give you a better view or outcome. Usually, I have found that the secondary thoughts end up being overthinking and attempting to avoid whatever you’re afraid of regarding your initial instinctive thought. Am I right??? Think back to what your most recent decisions have been that you were trying to make (whether you ended up finally making the decision or left it hovering). 

I’m willing to bet that your initial instinctive thoughts tend to be brave, and the secondary thoughts thereafter tend to be the more practical, and then possibly slightly fearful thoughts. Even if you’d never call it fearful, but those secondary thoughts normally go in a slightly different direction than that initial instinctive thought. 

In fact, if you observe your thoughts closely, you might discover that normally your secondary thoughts try to protect the initial brave thought from failing or flopping. WHOAH. Am I right?!??!


Done Nov 26, 2020

(mic drop moment lol) 

Okay let’s go back to your paper or Notes app. 

What decision would you make if you were feeling brave? Bold? Empowered?

What is the negative affect you might possibly experience if you do NOT move forward with that option?

What things in your life would you have to change or shift around a little (or a lot) in order to accommodate this new decision? 

Are you willing to make it happen? 

Do you feel bold?

Then let’s make the decision, dear. Write down your decision… circle it… light a candle… dance a little… whatever you want to do! Make it ceremonial, silly, or very thoughtful. But in any case, MAKE IT SOLID. 

And then move forward. 

I believe in you. You are bold. You are brave. You are fearless! You make wise decisions. And you don’t need to take weeks, months, or years making a decision anymore. You’ve got this.

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