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How to Grow your Podcast

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To grow your podcast, you’ll need to still grow a following through another means such as social media and email.

Here is a quick list off the top of my head to consider or look into or do, both to your actual podcast, and on social:


– Having at least one common-to-your-niche searchable keyword in the title of your podcast

– Use a few searchable keywords/phrases in the description of your podcast and really describe well what your podcast is about. This way, people who are actually SEARCHING for the type of information you’re putting out, will find you.

– Keywords (just one is fine, don’t stuff it full) in your episode titles help your episode come up to the top when someone searches for your category of content.

– Good shownotes, with appropiate level of keywords. Describe thoroughly what the episode is about. Include links to your website/social media.

– In the beginning, middle, or end of your podcast, include a call to action that asks people to share this episode with a friend they know would enjoy it too.


– Every time a new episode airs, send out an email to your email list (i have a free course for how to set one up, if you need that)

– Every time a new episode airs, write a post about it on ALL of your social media platforms (instagram, facebook, linkedin) and make the post enticing. Not just a boring, “hey, new episode’s out, check it out here” Make them WANT to check it out.

– Create 3-5 posts about your new episode, all different. Schedule them to go out througout the week, and schedule one or two of those to go out in 2 weeks and in 6 weeks. Because your episode deserves attention weeks down the road too! 

– Any time you write content or make posts on socials, or do live videos, mention your podcast “If you enjoyed this content, you might also enjoy my podcast where I dive deeper into XYZ”

So you’re sending podcast listeners to your socials and email list so that they’ll always be reminded when a new episode comes out, and you’re sending your social media follows/email lister subscribers to your podcast. AND of course, you’re reminding them to share the episode if they know a friend who’d like it.

I’m Your Tech Fairy & Online Business Mentor. If you have more questions, i’m happy to answer!  Good luck dear.

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