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How to Conserve your Energy When your Online Business Includes Live Coaching Calls

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In the wild, exciting, and demanding world of entrepreneurship, it’s super important to find practices that support our mental and emotional well-being. 

As a neurodivergent and C-PTSD business owner, I’ve discovered the importance of managing my energy effectively, especially when it comes to group coaching and client interactions. 

Today, I’d like to share some strategies that might help you as you consider adding group coaching to your business model.



Embracing the Power of Small Groups

At the moment because my program (My Year of Tech & Design Confidence) is still pretty new, my group coaching sessions are quite intimate (read, “small” 😁). 

This size allows me to dedicate at least some coaching time to each participant, so everyone actually gets personalized attention during our calls. 

But as the group expands, I will have to adapt in some ways to how the calls are structured because I’ll eventually not be able to get to everyone who “raises their hand” as much as I’ll want to! 

I plan to adapt by possibly limiting the number of “hotseats” or individual coaching in the group setting that I do per call. I’ll answer as many as I can in a call but spend enough time with each one to not feel rushed. 

And I know that there are almost no unique questions - almost every answer to a question can be in some way applicable to the others on the group coaching call.  



Streamlining Group Coaching Calls with Pre-Submission Forms

Another effective strategy that you and I could consider, to help conserve our energy, is from my own business coach. In our mastermind group, which is about ten people, my coach has us submit a “Hotseat Form” via Google Forms before the calls. 

This system requires participants to write out their questions at least an hour before the call. 

My coach then reviews these submissions, using them to structure the call efficiently and it’s usually no more than 4 ish “hotseats” per call. 

This way she not only maximizes the time spent during the call for each person that needs help, but it also helps in preparing her mentally and strategically for the questions she’ll be addressing.

I think this system would work flawlessly with many many more members. 30 members? no problem just submit a hotseat form. 100 members? still no problem. 1,000 members? still not a problem. You can still just take your standard number of questions per call if you choose.



How to Handle Group Coaching when you Have a Larger Group

For those managing more substantial groups, the challenge intensifies as the volume of questions increases. 

It’s not a problem, of course, if you feel fine just answering a few questions out of the mountain of Q’s that come in each week/month. 

But if you’re feeling that you’d like to be able to tackle more questions in a call so that more people feel helped by the group coaching experience, you could do it in a one-way Q&A format. 

Amy Porterfield does this in her huge backend membership program. She’s got a seamless system where questions are submitted beforehand, and then she addresses them during a live session without direct interaction with each person. 

She’s got her list of questions in hand, and she just reads through each question, answers it, moves to the next one, answers it, etc. It seems to work pretty well. Occasionally she’ll pull that person up if she wants to ask some clarifying questions but that’s not always the case.

This way, everyone’s questions are answered, even in a huge group setting, maintaining engagement without needing to have lengthy conversations for each one. 

She flies through 50 questions easily this way 😀 


Using a Private Podcast to Host your Group Coaching and Q&A’s

An alternative that I think is particularly exciting, and am considering for the future, involves setting up a private podcast for members. 

In this model, members would still submit their questions in advance, but instead of live responses, I would record answers at my convenience and upload them to a private podcast feed. 

This method not only conserves my energy but also adds an element of flexibility and personal touch, as members can listen at their own pace and revisit the content as needed.

Imagine having all the questions as their own “episode.” They’d be able to easily scroll through the questions and pick one that looks interesting or useful today! 

If you’re considering this option, then I highly recommend that you use either Hello Audio or Searchie (these are both affiliate links) because both of them can do private podcasts and I actively use both for various things. 

Hello Audio specializes in private podcasts, that is their one and only focus and they’re amazing at it. 

Searchie is a way bigger beast in terms of what you’d be using Searchie for. Searchie hosts videos, and you can create playlists of videos, and then you can turn any playlist into a private podcast! 



Energy Conservation Is a Non-Negotiable for Neurodivergent and C-ptsd Entrepreneurs

Group coaching is amazing, I LOVE doing it! But conserving my energy is still incredibly important. 

If you identify as neurodivergent entrepreneur and/or deal with C-PTSD, you’ll know what I mean.

Peopling and especially coaching can really deplete your energy if you’re not careful with your schedule. 

My personal rule is to limit myself to one coaching call per day, whether group calls or 1:1 calls. 

Experience has taught me that more than this can lead to significant fatigue, marked by symptoms such as sleepiness, brain fog, nausea, and physical exhaustion. I don’t like THAT lol. 

To protect my energy, I’ve become proactive about my scheduling. If I notice that two calls are booked on the same day, I don’t hesitate to reschedule. It’s just a necessary thing for me to do to make sure I’m not draining myself for the rest of the day. I need to maintain my well-being for my both family and myself!


You Can Coach while Still Conserving your Energy

While exploring the exciting possibilities of group coaching, remember to prioritize your health and energy. 

By implementing helpful strategies like pre-call submissions, maybe exploring innovative solutions like private podcasts, and most importantly, by understanding and setting your limits, you can create a sustainable and enriching coaching experience for both yourself and your clients.

Embrace the journey, and protect your energy. 

Your business—and your well-being—are worth it.

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