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Hi! I'm Crystal

Website Designer & 
Certified Online Business Coach. 

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I’m Crystal Bantel, and if you have a business idea, I want to be your new best (online) friend 😀 I’d love to get to know you dear… But I imagine I ought to speak up first.

  • I’ve been married to the love of my heart, Joseph Bantel, for 6.5 years.
  • We have a 4 year old girl and a 2.5 year old boy as of the start of 2020.
  • Our third baby we lost in miscarriage on Nov 1, 2019. His name is Orion Enoch. <3 We chose Orion for a permanent memorial in the night sky. <3 Enoch means “dedicated to God”.
  • We live in Winnipeg, Canada.
This was me, a year before I became a mom. I had a thousand dreams and ideas.

I’m a mom now, but I’m still the same person. Better yet, NOW I have a REAL reason to be an Entrepreneur.

For a while, those dreams faded away from the fluffy wishy clouds and transformed themselves into beautiful tiny little humans for me to hold in my arms! I had my girl in 2016, and my boy in 2017. The ideas never totally disappeared, but they sat in the background until the tiny humans became toddlers.

Today, the ideas have grown up into business ideas. I’ve begun realizing that my most passionate obsession (other than my husband and babies) is NEW IDEAS, learning, and developing new business ideas. I can’t keep coming up with more businesses of my own to run as I can only run so many businesses at a time —

So the next best thing is getting involved in YOUR business ideas! My most satisfying moment is chatting with you, with lit up eyes and leaning forward, listening intently to your business dreams and ideas; brainstorming together of the possibilities; and developing those possibilities into an actionable plan. If your dream is to have your own online business via a website that I can build for you, GREAT. I’m here for that.

But if running an online business isn’t your thing and you just need help getting started with any business at all started, you can bet I’m all in for that conversation too. I would LOVE to brainstorm and develop it with you and come up with a plan for glowing success.

Not every mom wants to start a business, and I have totally been there and I TOTALLY respect that. BUT. Every mom who wants it, I believe you deserve a solid hand up!

My precious people surround me with joy.

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