► Full Branding Strategy ◀︎

When visitors land on your website, you have mere seconds to make a good first impression. You have only seconds to convey your professional expertise in a visual way. If your branding is not reflecting exactly what your business stands for, then you are losing potential clients who need what you offer every time they decide not to scroll past the visuals that do not actually speak to them. 

The difference between Simple and Full Branding. 

 With Simple Branding, you do the bulk of the brainstorming and planning of what you’d like your brand to look like, and then I pull it together to look great on your website/online assets. You’re very involved in the decision making of what everything looks like and the final say really is up to you (with my guidance of course!)

 With the Full Branding Strategy, you can be as involved or uninvolved as you prefer to be. I will still ask for your input on what you like aesthetically, but with the Full Branding Strategy you are more fully “handing the reigns over to the branding professionals” to research what will be best for your brand. I take the bulk of the responsibility for the “think-work” involved in designing your branding.

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • A short study on the ideal clientele you’re trying to attract.
  • Professional brand-strategist-approved colour palettes that will appeal to the psychology of clients in your industry. Colours, tones, shades, backgrounds, textures, and patterns will all be planned out with intentionality.
  • A thoughtful font-set that appeals to your ideal client and speaks to the professional nature of your business.
  • Your Business Brand Book that contains all your brand elements for future reference, making it easy to create new products based on the same look (basically this is the more professional version of a “mood board.”
  • All graphics needed for your current project.
  • Reusable Social media post templates with the new branding. Up to 10 templates that can be used in various different ways for social media promotions; plus a quick training on how to utilize these as social posts.
  • Access to editable templates of everything I’ve created for you in Canva, so that if we ever part ways and you need to update something with your current branding, you’ve got access to all of it.
  • Fully designed front cover & internal pages for your lead magnet, workbook, or any similar graphic equivalent that you need at the time. If you already have one, I can do a makeover to match the new look. 
  • Matching blog post graphics template, podcast cover art, email header, or any “cover photos” needed for existing content weekly creation channels you have. 

Let’s give your business a strategic “breath of fresh life” for your business—one that will visualize your values, your expertise, and your ideal clients.