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Let me set up your Email List while you focus on finding and serving new clients.

Can be used for a new freebie funnel build, or to transfer your current list to MailerLite.

LIMITED TIME OFFER: 50% off regular price

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What Others Are Saying
Testimonial that reads: I’m an intuitive business & life strategist and Crystal designed my first Retreat Sales Page, working swiftly and pivoting around coding challenges. The sales page Crystal built helped me sell out my first retreat. She's great at reading me & providing what I need, in tune with her intuitive creativity which helps me communicate with greater ease. Just hire Crystal because it will save you time and money in the long run. She makes the process fun. - Regina Sih-Meynier
Testimonials that reads: I’m a photographer in NC. My website needed an overhaul to help convert clients. I was getting plenty of traffic to my site, but they weren't staying. Crystal came highly recommended and she helped me tackle my website design and got it to where I wanted it. Crystal was definitely the best designer I’ve worked with and she left me with no regrets! And now I’m starting to build up for busy season! - Gabriella Carr
Testimonial that reads: Crystal did an amazing job at capturing the Meraki brand in designing the sales page, and shared her design creativity through her many ideas.She listened to what I was trying to achieve and Crystal magically turned the ideas in my head into digital reality! I really appreciated her passion for wanting to deliver a beautiful design. - Eve Weatherburn

Whether you still have not begun your Email List at all, or you "kind of have one" but it's feeling patchworky and non-functional

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I'll set up the whole thing for you.

Freebie 👉🏼 Landing page 👉🏼 Automated Nurture Emails.

There are two packages you can choose from -

  1. You provide the written materials (freebie, emails).
  2. I’ll write/rewrite everything for you and all I need is your ideas/input on the content. AKA I’ll be your Copywriter!

Here's what we know - You have a business to build, an expertise to share, and an impact to make.

So imagine no longer feeling overwhelmed by the tech & design demands of running a business​ and getting to just focus on YOUR area of expertise while I get your Freebie Funnel up and functioning.

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Every extra day that you have your Freebie Funnel up and running, you can be focusing on making an impact AND making money.

And every extra day that your Freebie Funnel is out there collecting subscribers, you can be doing what you LOVE instead of fiddling with tech and design and frustrated tears.

Are you ready to strike "put a freebie out there" off your list?

Watch it just happen without you lifting your fingers, when you hire Your Tech Fairy to build it!

Logo saying Freebie Funnel Build - Done For You Email List Setup

Option 1: You provide the copy.

Add to this project now for only

$1350 CAD

Regular price: $3375

Option 2: I write/rewrite the copy.

Add to this project now for only

$2497 CAD

Regular price: $4995

You can choose a payment plan that works for you.

Get this price if you say YES within 14 days of signing Website contract. This allows me to work it into the same payment plan.

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PURCHASE 👇🏽 Drop your "YES!" Here 👇🏽

After submitting this form, I'll reach out to you regarding the new Invoice arrangements 🙂

ALSO, please remember the 50% pricing is ONLY VALID until 14 days from now. After that, it can be added at the regular price.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, I’ll make sure you’ve got a tag that’ll happen when someone makes a purchase. This is an integral part of the successful sales page! You need to know who’s purchased your thing! 😍

Yes, we can easily link purchase buttons in the templates to products created in any 3rd party ecommerce platforms or payment processors such as your ESP, Stripe, Paypal, etc.

The sales page is the beautiful page that tells potential buyers all about your offer and what’s in it for them. It contains buttons throughout the page that say something like “Buy Now” and when they click that link, it takes them to the checkout page. 

The checkout page is a less fancy page usually and it’s got the form they fill out with their personal info as well as put in their credit card info. 

In some instances, the sales page can be one with the checkout page but that is in some cases more complex to combine. 

Not typically - but don’t panic! I will make sure you have a checkout page as well (at no extra cost). Usually we link the purchase button to a checkout page that already exists, such as Stripe’s Product Payment Link that I will tell you exactly how to set up. 

It will need to stay relatively close to what your website branding is but I’m happy to change it up a little to make it distinctive.

We could swap out a color, or just make one of the lesser used colors from your website palette be more prominent on the sales page. 

We can swap out a texture or a flourish, etc. 

I’m happy to make a miniscule amount of changes as long as it’s not a whole decision-making thing that ends up consuming a lot of design time. 

The same month as your website 🙂 

That’s why I’m able to offer this sales page at 50% off because when I’m already “in the flow” with your website project, it’s SO MUCH EASIER to right away crank out your sales page as well. 

When you buy a sales page on its own, it’s actually the same amount of work as a full on website and therefore is the same price as the full website!

So you can buy now at $1k rather than $2k 🙂


DM me on Facebook Messenger by going to m.me/crystalbantel and I’m happy to answer!  Or you can send me an email at hello@crystalbantel.com.

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