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Finding your Ideal Client

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I had something innnnnteresting happen to me last week and I want to tell you about it because I think it’ll be encouraging to you . 

I almost had a client (well at least in my head it was almost). I was happy, the conversation was going well, and I could already see my bank account cheering up after a not as bright week behind me. 

She asked for my website to look at some samples of my work. I proudly sent her my portfolio knowing that that’s always the final big selling factor when people see my beautiful work. 

And you know what she said within 5 minutes of me sending her my link?

Someone messaged me saying they didn't really vibe with my work.



All I got out of that message, “Wow your website is ugly and your work is shit.” 


Now obviously if you go and reread it you’ll notice she said no such thing. She even clarified that actually nothing is WRONG with my style, it’s just different than what SHE was looking for. 

I got a LITTLE bit defensive, thinking, Good grief lady, I make my websites based on what my clients want! If you want a different style, I make yours a different style!

But I didn’t say that – because, I’m a professional you know. 


I immediately reached out to my 2 business besties to share how deflating this was for me. 


They assured me that while it’s a discouraging thing to run into, the fact that this woman knew ahead of time that she didn’t vibe with my work meant that I probably would not have vibed with her brand/business either!


I knew they were right so I let it go. I wished the woman well. I don’t think she had any idea what my emotions were throughout our exchange, and that’s okay. And no she’s not reading this email because she’s not on my email list lol. 


Well guess what happened ONE DAY LATER?!?!


I got a random surprise booking (one that I had no idea was coming) for a free 1st consultation call (that’s the discovery call, when someone is thinking of hiring me we go over details and see if we’re a great fit!).

And you know what she wrote on her intake form?


Look at this!!!! 

A comment in an intake form where a client states that she adores my themes in my portfolio and wants to give me artistic freedom to design her website.

Oh. My. Goodness.


And that is just how it works. 

There is always another opportunity coming your way, one that’s better than the one you thought you lost. Nothing is ever the last good opportunity. 

One person may not vibe with you, and that’s okay. Chances are very high that there’s someone else who will come along who will absolutely adore your work, your course, your membership, your message . . . and they might become your dream client/customer/student. 

🎶 Cuz That’s. Just. The way of the world!!! 🎶

Yes, we put in hard work to grow our business and make good connections. 

But that’s only part of your success. 

The other part is just resting in the assurance that the Universe has your back and opportunities are always headed your way. Nothing will ever be the last good opportunity. There’s always more for you. 

When you lose a student or a client, it hurts a little, but you have to remember that there’s another one who actually WANTS to stay with you. 

A lovely person that I deeply admire, Rachel Rodgers from We Can All Be Millionaires says “There is always more money coming your way.” Money flows like energy. In and out. When money flows out, there’s more on its way.

So let’s both take a DEEEEEEP breathe, and say out loud, “There is more money coming my way.” 

Mmm. Okay, much better, right?

Let’s start this week of strong, . More opportunities are coming your way so be on the lookout for them!

What is an opportunity you would REALLY like to have coming your way? What would make a huge difference in your business?

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