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Do you Suspect Your Website Is Holding Back Your Email List Growth and Sales?

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Get expert advice and practical tips to improve your website’s look and effectiveness. 

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The Hidden Costs of Having an Unprofessional Website

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❌  Unprofessional Look, Unintended Consequences❌  

Your website is often the first impression potential customers have of your business. A DIY, unprofessional look can send the wrong message. 

Visitors might question the quality of your products or services if your website appears outdated or poorly designed. This can lead to a lack of trust, causing them to leave without exploring further or making a purchase.

❌ Losing Sales Without Even Knowing It ❌  

When your website doesn’t look professional, it can create subconscious doubts in the minds of your visitors. They might think twice about entering their credit card information or signing up for your newsletter. A polished, well-designed website, on the other hand, conveys credibility and reliability, encouraging visitors to take the next step.

❌ The Impact on Lead Generation ❌  

Your website should be your best tool for capturing new leads, but when it looks like a DIY project gone wrong, it can scare people off. If your site is hard to navigate, slow to load, or unattractive, visitors will leave before they even get to know what you offer. A professional review can help you pinpoint what’s driving people away and give you simple tips to make your site more inviting. This way, you can start capturing those valuable leads and turning visitors into loyal customers.

When your site is easy to navigate, visually appealing, and aligned with your brand, visitors are more likely to stay, explore, and sign up/purchase.

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You may not need a full overhaul to see improvements—sometimes a few small changes can make a big difference!

Get a Professional Set of Eyes on your Website​

So you can make the tweaks needed to feel PROUD of your website, and you’ll be HAPPY to share your link with your audience

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You Need this Website Review If . . .

  • Website Shame? No More! Say goodbye to feeling embarrassed about your website.
  • Feeling Too DIY? Let’s give your site a polished, professional touch.
  • Old Design? If you hired someone ages ago and were never quite happy, now’s the time for a refresh.
  • Low Traffic? Discover strategies to attract more visitors.
  • Non-Converting Visitors? Learn how to turn site visitors into buyers and get them joining your email list.
I have built many websites, and most of them were makeovers and rebuilds . . . and Website Reviews are the first step in that process!

Here’s what a few of my clients have said about my website builds and rebuilds:

Testimonial that reads: I’m an intuitive business & life strategist and Crystal designed my first Retreat Sales Page, working swiftly and pivoting around coding challenges. The sales page Crystal built helped me sell out my first retreat. She's great at reading me & providing what I need, in tune with her intuitive creativity which helps me communicate with greater ease. Just hire Crystal because it will save you time and money in the long run. She makes the process fun. - Regina Sih-Meynier
Testimonials that reads: I’m a photographer in NC. My website needed an overhaul to help convert clients. I was getting plenty of traffic to my site, but they weren't staying. Crystal came highly recommended and she helped me tackle my website design and got it to where I wanted it. Crystal was definitely the best designer I’ve worked with and she left me with no regrets! And now I’m starting to build up for busy season! - Gabriella Carr
Testimonial that reads: Crystal did an amazing job at capturing the Meraki brand in designing the sales page, and shared her design creativity through her many ideas.She listened to what I was trying to achieve and Crystal magically turned the ideas in my head into digital reality! I really appreciated her passion for wanting to deliver a beautiful design. - Eve Weatherburn

What You'll Get 👉🏼

What You'll Get 👇🏽

👉🏼 In your Website Review, we’ll go through what’s working, what needs fixing, and give you clear steps to make your site more inviting and turn visitors into loyal customers. 👈🏼

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Oh have I not introduced myself yet?!

Hey 👋🏼 I’m Crystal Bantel, known as Your Tech Fairy, and I’m here to empower Neurodivergent and C-PTSD Entrepreneurs to embrace the tech & design of online marketing with confidence and ease.

I’ve been an entrepreneur since age 8. Over the years, I’ve launched various businesses, including handmade maternity underwear, a small town grocery store, and a still-thriving-today coffee shop.

Living with ADHD, Autism, C-PTSD, and POTS, I deeply and personally understand the unique struggles of Neurodivergent Entrepreneurs. My work is dedicated to providing services, trainings, and encouragement for those who are like me!

I am a website designer by trade and I set up email marketing freebie funnelsI am also a certified online business coach and I run a group program for Adhd, Autistic, & C-ptsd business owners where they get hands-on support in a very safe, accepting, & inclusive environment to set up their email list, grow their first online audience in as slow and inconsistent of a pace as they individually need! 

mockups of the course
mockups of the course
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“Working with Crystal, my tech fairy, has been a god send.” - Dina Tarah, MFT​

Don't let your website hold you back. Get a professional review today and start seeing the results you need.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, I’ll make sure you’ve got a tag that’ll happen when someone makes a purchase. This is an integral part of the successful sales page! You need to know who’s purchased your thing! 😍

Yes, we can easily link purchase buttons in the templates to products created in any 3rd party ecommerce platforms or payment processors such as your ESP, Stripe, Paypal, etc.

The sales page is the beautiful page that tells potential buyers all about your offer and what’s in it for them. It contains buttons throughout the page that say something like “Buy Now” and when they click that link, it takes them to the checkout page. 

The checkout page is a less fancy page usually and it’s got the form they fill out with their personal info as well as put in their credit card info. 

In some instances, the sales page can be one with the checkout page but that is in some cases more complex to combine. 

Not typically - but don’t panic! I will make sure you have a checkout page as well (at no extra cost). Usually we link the purchase button to a checkout page that already exists, such as Stripe’s Product Payment Link that I will tell you exactly how to set up. 

It will need to stay relatively close to what your website branding is but I’m happy to change it up a little to make it distinctive.

We could swap out a color, or just make one of the lesser used colors from your website palette be more prominent on the sales page. 

We can swap out a texture or a flourish, etc. 

I’m happy to make a miniscule amount of changes as long as it’s not a whole decision-making thing that ends up consuming a lot of design time. 

The same month as your website 🙂 

That’s why I’m able to offer this sales page at 50% off because when I’m already “in the flow” with your website project, it’s SO MUCH EASIER to right away crank out your sales page as well. 

When you buy a sales page on its own, it’s actually the same amount of work as a full on website and therefore is the same price as the full website!

So you can buy now at $1k rather than $2k 🙂


DM me on Facebook Messenger by going to m.me/crystalbantel and I’m happy to answer!  Or you can send me an email at hello@crystalbantel.com.

This is for you if you identify with any one of the following:

You’ve Pivoted: Your business has been evolving and growing, and now your website is no longer an accurate reflection of what you offer.

You Feel Your Website Looks Too DIY: Your site has that homemade look, and you want it to look more polished and professional.

You’re Not Getting Enough Traffic: Your website isn’t attracting the number of visitors you’d like, and you’re not sure why.

Visitors Aren’t Converting: People are visiting your site, but they’re not buying anything or signing up for your email list.

Your Site Feels Outdated: You hired someone a long time ago to create your website, and it no longer reflects your current business.

You’re Embarrassed to Share Your Website: You hesitate to give out your URL because you’re not proud of how your site looks.

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