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Whether it’s business coaching & mentorship, or learning how to design & build your own landing pages, website, course platform, etc . . . investing in your business is an exhilarating step forward. Here’s everything I’ve got for you in a glance!

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Coaching & Courses

Canva Is Everything

Canva Class for Beginners

Online business means lots of tech and design. This class will help you get comfy with how to design your own marketing stuff!

Canva is the easiest design platform in the online world and I’ll take you through all the basics. First, I’ll show you exactly how to navigate the platform. Then I’ll show you how to create your logo and then eventually, even how to create your own freebie! 

NEW: This class now also includes a 10 day email course. You’ll have immediate access to the video training of course, but then for the next 10 days you’ll get lessons emailed to you to really help you understand Canva, design, and even some of the more advanced Canva tools!

How To Start Your Email List

Click by Click Instructions

This is for you if you know you need to build an Email List before launching your offer or product online - but DIYing everything is not working as fast nor as smoothly as you had planned.

This is a self study course that takes you click by actual click, through EVERY step of setting up your freebie funnel and as a result, creates the start of your email list!

By the end of this course, you’ll have:

  • designed a freebie
  • built a landing page
  • automated a full nurture sequence
  • batched a month of weekly emails
  • added your first subscribers!

My Year of Tech & Design Confidence

Design, build, & integrate your tech with confidence

In this 12 month group program, you’ll overcome the tech hesitation, becoming more self-reliant with the tech & design required to run an online business.

We do weekly group coaching calls, and this program includes all courses/trainings that I’ve got. This is incredibly hands-on support as we do guided co-working as well!

This program supports both new and experienced entrepreneurs with neurodivergence and/or C-ptsd.


Done-For-you Design Studio

I’m happy to Build it for you!

Fairy Fast Websites

Ready for a gorgeous new website that’s built to be your “best salesperson”? 

Based on templates by Your Tech Fairy, this website package gives you the same result as a custom website build, but at a fraction of the custom pricing.

Monthly Care Plan

For WordPress websites. 

Plans include security updates and maintenance to prevent malware, emergency help for website downtime, etc.

Premium Plan includes quarterly edits!

Email Marketing Setup

With this package, I’ll:
  • Help you write your Freebie and I’ll do the final edits
  • Build your Landing Page
  • Automate the delivery of your new freebie
  • Automate a nurture sequence of 3-5 emails
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The List of Everything

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