Done-with-you & Taught-to-you

Whether it’s business coaching & mentorship, or learning how to design & build your own tech assets, investing in your business is a healthy sign and big step forward.

Expand Online Intensive

Don’t let another day go by without taking action.

With the right support and a clear vision of what’s possible, you can launch the online program you’ve been planning on for the past year.

This 4 month 1:1 program is customized to your needs and the stage your business is in.

For past clients I’ve helped strategize new products & offers and how to launch them, built custom IG post templates (regular content & sales posts), created screenshare tutorials, given emotional support when personal life interferes with business, brainstormed customer retention, etc.

Freebie Funnels

This is for you if you know you need to build an Email List before launching your course, membership, or coaching program - but DIYing everything is not working as fast/smoothly as you had planned.

By the end of this guided co-working group program, you’ll have

  •  designed a freebie
  • built a landing page
  • automated a full nurture sequence
  • batched a month of weekly emails
  • added your first subscribers!

Next cohort: January 2024


Online Biz Tech Confidence

Design, build, & integrate your tech with confidence!

In this group program, you’ll overcome the tech hesitation and become more self-reliant with the tools required to run your online business.

We’ll go through the 4 tech pillars of business: 

  • Growing you audience with a freebie funnel
  • Designing a WordPress website
  • Building a sales page based on the 4 buyer types and ethical sales psychology
  • Creating an accessible curriculum/replay hub for your online program

This program will support both new and experienced entrepreneurs and  is coming in 2024. 


I’m happy to help bring the rest of your dreams to life!

Website Edits

Purchase 1 hour, 2 hours, 4 hours, or 8 hour Intensives.

Can be used for website edits, refreshes, and troubleshooting.

Monthly Care Plan

Plans include security updates and maintenance to prevent malware, emergency help for website downtime, etc.

Premium Plan includes quarterly edits!

Course/Membership Projects

  • Build/rebuild Hub
  • Landing & sales pages 
  • Strategically create or review your course curriculum to make it more effective and increase retention