► Email Marketing Setup ◀︎

As much as you don’t want to “deal with all that email stuff,” you absolutely need to set up a way to keep
in contact with your customers if you have an online store.

This is the FOUNDATION and the GLUE of your Business.

Here’s what we’ll ultimately use your Email Service Provider (ESP) for, besides the “weekly newsletters” you mentioned:

  • Purchase confirmations
  • Deliver their digital downloads
  • Abandoned cart reminders
  • Promotional emails
  • Alerts for new products you add
  • Build relationships with your customers to create “like, know, trust” which creates loyalty to your brand
  • Keeps you in touch with them even if you were to lose social media access

What You Get in this Package (or equivalents):

  • Your first freebie funnel
    ▻ I set up your email provider account
    ▻ Freebie plan support
    ▻ Landing page
    ▻ Automated freebie delivery
  • Templates and guidance for the emails you need to write
  • I will automate the emails for you 
  • I’ll integrate this email system with your  website.* 

* This is what turns it into an “automated sales machine” allowing you to “make money while you sleep” (yes that’s VERY much a real thing! It’s time).

Purchase your spot on my calendar here. Click the date that works best for you to begin.