How to Start your Email List Click by Click

The Quickstart Guide to getting your email list up and running YESTERDAY. ​

How to Start your Email List
Click by Click

The one and only self-study Quickstart Course to getting your email list up and running YESTERDAY.

Simulated photo of an Old to do list from last year with various items on it, but the to do item "Start my email list" remains un-checkmarked.

⬅︎ Does your to-do list look like this?

"Start my email list" has been on the to-do list now since, let's be honest, more than a couple months ago and time's just gotten away from you.

You know you need a lead magnet and an email list … and you’re not totally sure why you haven’t done it yet other than it’s intimidating and it’s…. TECH.

Get the instructions for how to EXACTLY set up and start your email list.

ALL the tech explained. Step by step. 



“How to Start your Email List, Click by Click” by Your Tech Fairy is the magic dust you have been looking for that will sparkle up your every tech step needed to get your email list up and growing. 


You’ll prepare your lead magnet, build a landing page, and automate your nurture sequence so that you can finally freely focus on the shinier parts of creating your course or membership. 


(Note, this is ZERO fluffies — it’s the HOW EXACTLY, not the WHY. If you’re here, you probably already know why.)


. . . Does the tech freeze you up . . . ? 

After you have completed this course, your to-do list will look like this:

animated checklist with these to do items checked as completed: Come up with your freebie idea and create it in Canva Set up your Email Service Provider account Create your simple landing page for your freebie Set up your automatic freebie delivery sequence Write and automate your email sequences thereafter!
animated checkmarks (2)

Come up with my freebie idea and create it in Canva 

Set up my Email Service Provider account

Create my simple landing page for my freebie

Set up my automatic freebie delivery & nurture sequence

Write and automate my weekly email thereafter

A Graphic depicting the inside of the course called How to Start your Email List, with some pdf's, an iMac, an iPad, and a MacBook.

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How to Start your Email List
Click by Click

Photo of Crystal Bantel.

Hi hi friend!

It’s lovely to see you here in my world. 

I’m Crystal Bantel, Your Tech Fairy and my favourite colours are sagey green and muted purples, as you can tell 😜

I have been creating websites for businesses of all sizes for a handful of years. 

Commonly, the difference between a website client of mine who’s already making 250,000/year versus the client who’s sweating about making a solid 2,500/month is this -

the latter hasn’t started their email list yet.

So . . . this quickstart course exists to propel you forward so that you’re not one of them 😁.

By the way, while I’ve got you here, I just wanted to invite you to ask me any questions you may have before jumping into my world by clicking the cute little purple chat bubble riiiiiiiiiiiiight there to the right in the centre. I’m here for ya.

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