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How to Choose Your Ideal Audience Before You Have Full Clarity and You’re Struggling with Indecision

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How to Choose Your Ideal Audience Before You Have Full Clarity

If you’re grappling with the decision of which audience to attract because your diverse experience and expertise open doors to numerous niches, then read on my friend.

Overcoming Indecision: Finding Your Focus

Overcoming Indecision: Finding Your Focus

Finding your focus is possible! Even if you still find yourself frozen by so many awesome options.

Figuring out who the “right” audience is to dedicate your content and list building efforts to is a really common predicament, especially when you are multi-passionate and find it difficult to commit to only one thing.

The path to clarity and action is simpler than you think!

Starting with What You Have: The Lowest Hanging Fruit Approach

Aligning Your Skills with Audience Needs

The first step to resolve this indecision is NOT to brainstorm for months to try to map out what your “big picture vision” is or what offers the “umbrella business” should be made up of. 

This is like building and shingling your roof before building the house. 

Or better yet, it’s like going through enormous efforts to climb to the TOP of a huge tall apple tree to try and pick the best apples at the very top of the tree, rather than just picking the LOWEST HANGING FRUIT at the bottom branches that are really easy to reach. 

To figure out what’s your lowest hanging fruit in business, answer this question: 

What do you KNOW you could deliver really well right now? What service, or coaching/consultation call, could you provide easily without much prep at all?

Like next week. If you were to write a Facebook post right now where you offer something super easy (to you) but SUPER HELPFUL to the buyer? 

If there are several things that come to mind, which one makes you the most excited? Which one would you enjoy doing the most?

You have a handful of great options; right now when you’re unsure, the question isn’t which audience is your forever love, nor is the question what business direction will be the most ultimate personal fulfillment. 

The question right now, is only, 

Which audience you can serve most effectively and passionately right now? 

And by right now I mean, today, this week, what can you post on FB as an offer?

Today’s Starting Point: Moving Beyond the Fear of Commitment

The concept of the “lowest hanging fruit” in business looks like identifying the group you can reach out to and benefit the most with the least amount of stretching or climbing efforts.

This doesn’t mean just choosing the easiest option for the sake of ease but rather selecting an audience where your current skills and interests intersect with their needs and preferences. 

This decision is not a lifelong commitment; it’s just today’s starting point that gets you moving.


The Power of Momentum: Just Start!

Just get started, you can change direction later!

We just need to get the car moving, and then once you’re moving forward, you can steer the car in whichever direction feels right. 

The Role of Instinct in Choosing Your Audience

Here’s an idea. What if you just get the car moving by choosing an audience to focus on for the next month, or perhaps 90 days? You’ll be surprised at the insights you’ll gain when you just get going with something. Anything. 

You’ll learn what works, what doesn’t, and most importantly, what you’re most passionate about (and what you really do NOT enjoy)!

Flexibility: The Figure-It-Out-As-You-Go Approach

Learning Through Action and Feedback

Okay let’s do this for real.

If I asked you to write an Instagram or Facebook post about a workshop or a one time 1:1 coaching call offer TODAY, what would the offer be and who would it be for? Write it down.


Follow that instinct. Write THAT post, to THAT niche.

The Importance of Being Open to Evolving your Offer & Audience

Once you’ve put your temporary offer out there, plan to reevaluate your offer/audience as you go. Don’t be too emotionally attached to the outcome (if possible… lol it’s not always possible). Try to be okay with however it turns out so you can take your learnings and move forward. 

If someone takes you up on that offer, cool!

Follow through and deliver that workshop or coaching session or product . . . . and then see if you enjoy it.

If no-one takes you up on the offer, cool! This is really valuable information! 

By the way, often the problem is actually NOT about if this is the WRONG offer or the WRONG audience…. but rather, whether you’re using the language your customer uses. I’ll write more about this concept later 😁. There are seriously SOOOO many ways to troubleshoot why nobody bought your offer when you put it out there. 

Building a Foundation for Future Growth

The Strategic Value of Initial Choices

What you find yourself enjoying might shift over time or suddenly, and that’s perfectly okay. It’s part of the process.

The beauty of just starting is that it gives you the flexibility to pivot and refine your focus based on real-world feedback and your evolving interests SOONER than if you had waited till you had all 100 ducks lined up in a row. 

This is honestly the ONLY way to TRULY know if you like doing something with a specific type of person — by actually doing it.

Action Over Inaction: Making the First Move

The Only Real Mistake is Standing Still

The fear of choosing “wrong” can be paralyzing.

But remember, inaction is the only real “mistake”. You fail every offer you don’t attempt 😆. But when you put it out there, at least the car is moving forward.

Progress Through Experimentation: Finding What Works

Every step forward, even if you end up needing to adjust the direction later, is progress. 

It’s through engagement and experimentation that you’ll discover the audience you not only connect with most but also where you can make the most significant impact.

Next Steps and Conclusion: From Today’s Action to Tomorrow’s Clarity

Evaluating and Refining Your Focus

Going for your “lowest hanging fruit” doesn’t mean abandoning the all other niches in the future. You GET TO EVOLVE. It’s okay. You are allowed to make decisions later at any point to make a pivot and take a new direction. 

You are building a foundation from which you can expand and explore other directions with time.

The key is to start with what feels most resonant and achievable now. Let your initial choice guide you to deeper understanding and opportunities.

This approach isn’t a shortcut; it’s a strategic way to move forward when you feel absolutely FROZEN by indecision or lack of knowledge on which of the potential paths to choose. 

Just move forward with purpose and passion for today. If today’s Instagram post or the offer you put out there doesn’t feel totally right after all, no problem! At least now you know! 

This is a step forward. Try a new thing next week. 🙂

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