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Taking your Business Online

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How to Be the Best in Your Field

I think that nowadays, real people want to buy from real people. I think that people want to not just see the FACE of the person they are buying from, but I think they also want to see the HEART of the person as well. Connection sells. Good marketing practices can be followed to a T, but if you can just connect with the heart of your audience, they will trust you SO much faster than a well crafted ad on facebook.

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Connect to the Heart of your Ideal Client

When you write, you’re putting something from inside you, out there. And that can be scary stuff. Writing is an act of vulnerability for many of us because it’s so easy to criticize our own words that we see boldly emblazoned in front of us on that glaring white screen. You may have never felt that writing is your strong point, and yet you know that you have a message inside you that is trying to come out and you know it’ll help someone out there. OR you may love writing but feel like your message doesn’t come out strong because it’s all fluffy beautiful words but you have trouble with talking in circles without it feeling solid.

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Commit to Your Niche

Actually, it’s much EASIER to market your business when you’re specific. Think of doing facebook ads. Who will you target? When you’re speaking to EVERYONE, you’re actually speaking to NO ONE. When you speak to the needs and pain points of ONE person, there will be hundreds of people who identify with that ONE person.

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