Canva Class

A Thorough Beginner's Guide

Welcome welcome friends! I’m so excited that you are here to learn because I’m here to teach! In this Canva Class, I will take you through all of the basics of Canva and we will end up learning how to actually create graphics with this awesome and easy to use tool. This is going to turn into a very valuable resource and skill for you to have access to. 

Start by scrolling down this page and familiarizing yourself with what’s here. 

Top left is a Search Bar powered by Searchie software. With this search bar, let’s call him Searchie;  you can type in ANY word that you want to search for in the Canva class. It’ll pull up the results and show you a short paragraph showing the transcription, and if you click it you’ll be able to watch that exact part in the video.

Underneath Searchie, you’ll find a button to use a Canva Template I created just for you! It’ll guide you through the steps to put together your own branding. If starting with a blank document freezes you over, then this is definitely for you! 

Top Right is the main Canva Class video 🙂 Watch it, learn it, practice it, love it! You can play around with the player settings. Two things at the top right of the video player are the Searchie function (same as the Searchie sidebar) and Playlist (which contains only this one video for now!). In the bottom bar, you can access these features/settings: Restart video, Rewind 5 sec, Pause, Forward 5 sec, Change volume, Download the audio file or the transcription file, Captions on/off, Change the speed (if i’m talking too fast for you to understand, slow me down), PIP means Picture in Picture, so you can scroll down the page and still see a small video form of me talking; and Full screen of course. 

Underneath the video, you’ll find a purple button/checkbox you can use to mark the completion of watching this video. I don’t know about you, but I find it very satisfying to mark videos I watch as done.

Underneath the purple button, you’ll find a form where you can write in your questions. Choose a Category: Ask a question, Share your work, or Promote yourself. Feel free to scroll through others’ questions, shared work, and promotions to answer questions and comment on others’ shared work/promotions. Enjoy each others’ progress and business growth.  This plugin I’m using to create this answer/questions forum automatically puts in the checkbox to make the question private… so that all of us can learn and grow together, please don’t use the private checkbox.

I am a smart and capable business woman/man/other. 

I am capable of understanding computer stuff. 

I am not a horrible designer. I simply have not yet in the past learned how design works, and I know that with My Tech Fairy Crystal teaching me, I’m in good hands. I can learn simple things. I believe Crystal is smart enough to show me past my limiting belief about my own design skills. I trust her to teach me, and I trust myself to learn. 

Anyone can use a template — that is what templates exist for. I do not have to be a professional graphic designer to create something that looks professional.

I am capable of learning how to make a simple design, especially because Crystal is here to teach me exactly how. 

My heartbeat is slow and steady, my hands are steady, mind is alert, and my spirit is at peace. 

Frustration is a fleeting feeling. I can walk away from the computer when I’m frustrated or overwhelmed, and come back to it when I feel refreshed and ready to continue. 

I am capable.

I am smart.

I make good decisions.

I am a powerful business person. 

The message I have to share is important enough for me to learn how to share it with beautiful graphics. 

Others are waiting for what I am about to create; I will change someone’s life because of something I’m about to design/write. 

I am glad I am who I am — I have not come across anyone who can bring the exact same transformation as I’m bringing.

I feel this life-changing message rising up within me and I can’t wait to release it!

I will let my heart overflow with passion, and others will benefit from it.

I am not scared of sharing my resource because I’m NOT an imposter.

I’m doing great — Just look at the progress I’ve made!

Okay! Ready, set, go!!!! 😀 


How to make your logo, mood board, choose your fonts. Create your Brand Kit on Canva.

The above is a template I made for you to practice creating your own branding on Canva. Click it, then click “Use Template” and follow the instructions.

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