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There’s not much fine print to print finely here, so I’ll write it in big print . . . 

👉🏼 Whether I do it for you, or if you do all the above yourself, they will be annual costs you pay. Paying me to do it means all the above costs are consolidated into one monthly or annual payment rather than paying several different fees.

👉🏼 If you do this yourself, it'll be in 2-3 different transactions (because they're different services), and will cost you a total of $226 to $266.23.

👉🏼 If you pay me to do all the above for you, it will cost you only $104 more than doing it yourself AND it's only one transaction instead of 2-3, AND you don't need to do anything techy and annoying 😝.

👉🏼 No refunds, but you can cancel and transfer hosting to yourself or to someone else at any time. There may be a small transfer fee depending on if I just had to renew your domain.

👉🏼 There's honestly not a ton of benefit to me if you buy the Basic Hosting. It literally just makes it less hassle for you in decreasing your transactions and decreasing your tech-touching, AND it decreases hassle for me in having to answer the ten questions you'll still have as you're trying to do it yourself and me having to wait for you to have made the purchases before I can begin building your website 😆😆. To be clear though, I'M HAPPY TO ANSWER ALL THE QUESTIONS, if you do decide to brave the tech yourself. Entirely up to you. 🥰

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