Your Tech Fairy is located on Treaty 1 land, home of multiple  Indigenous nations (listed Here) and I am grateful to the original stewards of this land that I am permitted to conduct business here. 

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The Cheapest Way to Start a Membership

Hi Susie! I’m Your Tech Fairy, perhaps I can help. I have experienced many different email platforms and I can tell you that the cheapest one as well as easiest to use is MailerLite. It’s

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Click through rates in emails

When your readers click any links within the emails you send, it sends a loud and clear message to your email service provider (MailerLite, ConvertKit, MailChimp, etc) that you are trustworthy and you send valuable

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Finding your Ideal Client

I almost had a client (well at least in my head it was almost). I was happy, the conversation was going well, and I could already see my bank account cheering up after a not

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How to Be the Best in Your Field

I think that nowadays, real people want to buy from real people. I think that people want to not just see the FACE of the person they are buying from, but I think they also

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How to Make Solid Decisions

What are some decisions that are breathlessly hovering around in your head, waiting to be acknowledged and made?

Let’s acknowledge them right now. I’m going to talk you through a decision making process. If you

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Commit to Your Niche

Actually, it’s much EASIER to market your business when you’re specific. Think of doing facebook ads. Who will you target? When you’re speaking to EVERYONE, you’re actually speaking to NO ONE. When you speak to

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You're My New Best Friend!

Today, the ideas have grown up into business ideas. I’ve begun realizing that my most passionate obsession (other than my husband and babies) is NEW IDEAS, learning, and developing new business ideas.

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