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A Missed Connection: The Impact of Not Using Social Media for Online Marketing

Woman sitting at office desk with her head in her hands looking at her computer, appearing to be disappointed that someone isn't using a better social media strategy for their business and now she can't find their offer online.

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Hey ,I’m back from what seems like just about a one month vacay from Australia and first of all it was AMAZING! I posted lots in IG stories which you might have seen!

Now, I’m back to being on Facebook and Instagram, communicating with my audience more. I’ve found that as soon as I slack off on using my social media to grow my audience and promote my business, my influx of leads (and income! gulp) goes down. Like way down. So now once again I’m back to spending a good chunk of time in relevant fb groups as that’s often where I find my audience. 

I’m not ACTUALLY a social media expert lol.

But like….. often I find someone that seems SUPER amazing in an area I don’t feel i’m an expert in and even though I might not feel extravagantly spendy that moment I secretly still want to snoop around and check out their offers

What if that was you I was looking at? 

What if you had just answered someone else’s question about ??insert your area of expertise??, and I happened across your answer and was completely drawn in (you clearly did something right with your social media strategy for your business hah. Or was that unintentional?)

Like, you obviously know what you’re talking about . . . and what you’re saying feels like the EXACT thing i’m missing in my biz right now. 

So now my heart is beating a bit faster. 

And I just know for a fact that if i check out your freebie, you’re going to have already thought ahead to exactly what your people need and since I now know i’m your people, I can’t wait for you to hook me in with your super well thought-through freebie

And whoever’s freebie I sign up for, you can bet your buns that I will be snooping around the rest of their website as well to see the paid offers because if I thought the freebie was spot on, your paid offer is guaranteed to be JUICY and it’s going to be an immediate battle against my wallet. 


I’ve given you a very genuine look into my very impulsive brain. ??


It turns out you don’t believe in mixing personal with business.

So to my disappointment, I find you haven’t listed your business links in your personal profile and now I’m panicking slightly because I already had my internal apology ready for my accountant (the other me, at tax season)? for spending on your business offer that I already knew I was going to find at the end of this rainbow ?.

“k well i guess I wasn’t meant to fill this gap in my business just yet…… sigh. I can trudge on without it some more, i’ve been fine so far so whatever it’s fine and besides it’s midnight anyway so…”

The sad thing is, it’s a true story that I just wrote, just maybe not about you. There are a number of purchases that I have NOT made due to the exact reason in my story above.

Sometimes I was disappointed as I said, and other times relieved ? since now i know that an outside force decided for me that I shouldn’t spend my moneys.

But regardless of how I felt about not being able to find your links, you lost an opportunity to probably make a sale ,or at least to add me to your email list. This is why you should link your personal and business profiles on social media and not hold QUIIIIIIITE so strictly to your self-imposed policy of don’t mix personal and biz stuff.
Even when I kept my personal and business pretty strictly separate I still would have at least listed my business website/pages because think about it, people with “jobs” post their workplace all the time …. so why wouldn’t I list mine, even though I’m my own employer? ?

Why disallow people who care about you from knowing what your business is?

Also especially if you are engaging in Facebook groups like I’ve been talking about, where we are all business owners, YES, we ARE going to be curious about each other because sometimes we run into someone who really seems awesome and they have a service that we’ve been looking for. And then naturally we click over to their profile.

But when there’s NO CLUE posted for me to follow then I am genuinely disappointed because I was kinda hoping to work with them ….

So PLEASE, at least post your website link, just in case anybody is trying to track you down to work with you ?. Don’t lose sales by not having an intentional social media strategy for your business.

Huge opportunities are lost when you are being your amazing generous helpful self → and then people realize they need you → but they run into a dead end when they want to check out your services page ???

So, have you made it easy for me to find you online?

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