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Pricing Structures that I offer:



Large Projects are $4500-6000 USD depending on the project size, features/complexity, and any further customization to your business and branding. 


Each project may vary as all my work is custom, done for YOU and YOUR BUSINESS. However, I understand the value of having a solid idea of pricing before even getting on a call. So here’s a price list of what different types of projects OFTEN are, depending on complexities of course. 


New Website ~ $4500 USD

Ecommerce Website ~ $5986+ USD

Website Makeover ~ $2999 or $3194 USD


Membership platform setup ~ $4500 USD

Online course platform setup ~ $4500 USD


Email List Starter Setup ~ $1597+

Lead Magnet Funnel ~ $1597+

Sales page ~ $1597

Email platform migration ~ $1597+


The services marked with + are often Intensives but can be capped as a project too.


Payment plans are available ranging from 2-12 months. There is a $300 discount for full pay upon signing the contract of a contract of $4500+.


Project pricing means that I take all the pieces of the project and tie it up as one package and it all falls under that one price, and it’s capped. There are no surprises, no increased pricing, as long as we stay within the scope of whatever we have agreed upon in our contract. 


Project pricing is perfect for large, defined projects such as a website, online course portal, or membership portal. 




Intensives are essentially me working in your business for 1 week, for $1597 USD. I do several hours of work for you up to three days in the week, for a total of approximately 8 hours of work (never less; but sometimes a little more to wrap something up). At times, I’m able to fit all 8 hours into the same day but generally I plan to spread the work over a period of 7 days. Shorter Intensives are also available but your first intensive with me is often the large one.


8 hr Intensive = $1597 USD

4 hr Intensive = $998 USD

1 hr Intensive = $287 USD


Payment may be split in half, the first payment being due on the day of booking and the second 30 days later.



Intensives are perfect for smaller projects that feel less defined up front, or for a list of tech things you need done. Examples are landing pages, sales pages, Email Service Provider (ConvertKit, MailerLite etc) account setup/modifications/migrations, email automation/sequence setup, etc. I work on these throughout the Intensive week and normally I’m able to complete either everything, or almost everything, that you’ve listed you need done in that timeframe. 



I will never extend our time/charge you extra without your consentIf additional hours are needed to complete your list, those hours will be billed at 40% off if you choose to move forward to complete the list past the allotted 8 hours.



I can also turn smaller projects into Project pricing rather than Intensives if you prefer to cap it.



Discounts may be available when you combine multiple Projects and/or Intensives into one contract.



Need some Visuals?

Check out my portfolio. Obviously, not all my work is on there but that gives you nice little sampling. All branding is what I call "Simple Branding" and all of it was done by me.